Monday, March 31, 2014

S7:E4 "Saving souls and setting dates"

Hey everyone, we had a way good week this week. Don't you fret. I'm still doing way well, no problems, just working hard. :P Same old same old.

Monday was good, Elder Clawson left me going to København for a 2 days so I was on splits with Elder Sullivan, who was trained by my trainer!!! That was fun. It's always fun going on splits. :D but we had a fun p day of wandering the town, then we went to FHE at a members house with the Jørgensens(awesome greenlandic family getting baptized in 2 weeks) and that was a lot of fun. They had a lot of sweets afterwards... holy cow. 

Tuesday rolls around and we biked, and biked... and biked some more. I thought my legs were gonna fall off. But we stopped by Abdi, the guy from Somolia, he is doing well, like usual. He has the funniest laugh ever, and it made elder Sullivan way awkward. It's like a witch, but happy. But he is one of those people that only laughs at his own jokes. Gosh I love him. After that we knocked at a college dorm and had some more magic. So many positive young peoples, I love it. But we closed the night off by going to Familien Van de Weerd's. That's Maybrits parents. That was so much fun. I love them so much, they are 2 of the funniest people in the ward. Brother Van de Weerd is way good at magic tricks, so when he was showing us those, I felt like a little kid again. Then sister Van de Weerd is just the type of person that makes way funny comments about everything. So that was a blast of a night. Then I got Clawson back, the man himself.  

Wednesday was good, still a lot of biking and stop bys. We got in with a way cool less active (or was less active) guy named Leif. Such a cool cat. We just had  nice chat with him and shared a spiritual thought. Then we had an awesome lesson with Daniel (member) to these two college girls. We just shared the restoration, and it was one of those lessons where all 3 of us are teaching, instead of just the missionaries doing everything, which is the best. But at the end of it, I asked Daniel to say the closing prayer for us. And when he got done, one of the girls was just like "That was weird, I got this peaceful feeling over me" then the other one was like "yeah! it was like a warm feeling in my chest" Then the look that Daniel gave us was priceless. Just this way big grin but looking half surprised. Oh man, awesome little miracle. But after that we played some basketball. Missionaries vs. Investigators. That was fun. 

Thursday and Friday (accidently combined the two) rolls along, we had a good district meeting on service, and how we need to serve like Ammon. But then we went up at met with Samar, which was one of the coolest lessons of my life. He brought one of his friends with him, so we started talking to her as well. The only thing was that Samar isn't good at Danish, and this girl wasn't very good at english. So our lesson, split into two. (Thank goodness for companions) So elder Clawson was teaching Cecilie, while I was talking to Samar. They were both way good lessons, but in the end, we invited Samar to be baptized and set a date to work towards. It was magical. After that, we had a way good lesson with Familien Jørgensen, just going over the last few things that they need to hear before they can get baptized. That went well, I love that family so much. 

Friday was goood, pretty fun. We started off the day with apartment checks. We passed with flying colors of course. Then we went up to an older couples home and did some service. I was chopping wood for 2 to 3 hours. :D surprisingly fun. Then they gave us some yummy food, then we left. Me and Elder Clawson met with this awesome member. Lass, and shared a good lesson. Elder Clawson busted out his harmonica and talked about how we need to first obtain the ability, then share. Then we tell them that they have obtained the ability, they just need to share the music now. It was fun, such a great guy. 
Saturday I was on splits with Elder Madsen, that was a lot of fun. Nothing super special happened. We got lost, shared a lesson with some members. Oh, well after trying to stop by someone who wasn't home, we were just standing there thinking of what we can do. When this guy bikes up by us and just starts making small talk. We ended up teaching him a lesson on the street and then inviting him to general conference. (The session that will be in the church) That was a little miracle that we had. 

Sunday was good. The Jørgensens were in church, which went way well. The ward is still awesome here. Then we stopped by a less active named Knul and invited him to general conference. Then we finished up our weekly planning, and after that we had an awesome lesson with a guy named Andreas, talking about the plan of salvation. That was cool, because what he believes in, was pretty much exactly what we were teaching. Then he was like "I think I will come to your church on Sunday" we were just like, yes, yes you should. 

But now I'm here, feeling like a million bucks, although quite hungry. I think I'm gonna go eat some turtles, so be jealous. But until next time. LOVES!

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