Monday, April 7, 2014

S7:E5 "Now, stand back for your own safety."

Hey everyone, I'm just doing fine and dandy. Nothing too crazy happening to me. Except Familien Jørgensen is getting baptized on Saturday!!! I'm so stinking excited! :D But I guess I can just run you through my week real fast.
Monday was a way good day, except I started getting sick, quite fast. But we had a way fun family home evening with the Jørgensens. We ate dinner with them, then for our spiritual thought, Elder Clawson and I made this memory game with the 10 commandments. (Just the flip the card, matching game) That was way fun, the best part was that their 5 year old girl could remember more than us. AND when we tried going around and remembering all twelve, the first one she started with was the you can't break marriage. So awesome. Then we played a fishing game, that I was not very good at, you just had to try to have these little robot snapping fishies catch this ball. It would not work out for me. But all in all, a way good day. They are excited and ready for their baptism. 

Tuesday, sick. BUT I still went out. It was a good day. We started the morning with a lesson to Andreas. He is a stud, and he should be getting baptized, but it might take a little time. We taught him the plan of salvation. And he was just like "Yeah, that makes sense with the bible and everything." He even knew that the spirit was there. I love greenlandic people, they are so religious, and so nice. But after that way awesome lesson, we went and saw our friend Abdi. He is making big steps. He realized that he can change his life, so now we just have to help him to make the steps. We taught him the word of wisdom, which kind of sparked the thought of his, that he can change his life. To finish off the night, I was feeling way sick (sore, fever) but I made it through a ward coordination meeting. It went way well. A lot of it was about missionary work, and we got our open mic night approved!!! Now we just have to invite people to it. When we got home this night, we were suprised with a flock of teenagers at our door, that gave me a present. What could this present be, you might think. It was cat poop. Yes, cat poop. Or what looked like cat poop. Thank you family for the april fools prank, it brought me back to last year with mash potato cupcakes and the joy that it brought to Abby. :D

Wednesday, on the way up with my health. :) bonus. We started off the day by doing some service for a member. We were doing yard work! YES! I actually enjoyed it a lot. I made a new friend named Benny, a way funny old guy that's in the ward. After that we had a lesson with the Jørgensens that lasted a long time. Explaining lots of things and answering lots of questions trying to get them ready for the baptism. It was very good. We took a member with us, Jette Mathiesen, and she covered pretty much all of the concerns that they had. 

Thursday was zone conference then splits. Not much happened. I was way sad to leave my own area because we have so much popping up here. So we got to do all that fun stuff. Get uplifted by our leaders. Then I had a way sweet interview with my mission president. I always love those meetings, I always learn so much and get a lot of help with how I can improve. Then splits started. Lots of contacting. We talked to a drunk guy that got way mad at us, but then his friend came and just told him to go away then apologized for him. Oh the joys of drinking... -.- not.

Friday we made it back home then we went up to the Vestbys again to do some service! I got to chop wood, yet again! Nothing better! That was fun as usual. I love doing service. After that, we went home and went to bed. That was literrally all we did. :P

Saturday was a good day. Lots and lots of inviting people to general conference. We actually just walked down busy roads, one of us on each side, and gave out flyers. That was fun, then we had a way good chat with Abdi, still going forward, and coming on sunday to conference. Then we had a good lesson with Andreas in the church. Just kind of showed him around. Had a miscommunication thinking that he would stay for conference, but he definitely wasn't thinking that. So... that was strange. Then we had conference which was fantastic, I loved it, highly encourage it. 

Sunday, conference part 2. That's all we did from morning to evening. We also walked through baptism with the Jørgensens when they first came and finished all the physical sides of it. (Making the program and stuff) then we had the Jørgensens and Abdi at the night time conference session in the church! It was so awesome! They all learned a lot, and want to hear more. 

So all in all, a way good week. And this week is just as busy and good. :D So I'm excited. Baptism pictures and lots of news coming up next time. Until next time though, remember who you are, and don't be fashion zombies.

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