Wednesday, July 31, 2013

A Familiar Face!

Our good friend, May Brit, who is Danish and on vacation in Denmark 
took Andrew out to lunch. Everyone looks so happy!

Monday, July 29, 2013

S3:E08 "Come on in, the Water is fine"

Hi everyone!
Denmark is still good! It's been quite hot and humid the past couple of weeks, so to say the least I have been sweating a Whole ton. The transfer date is slowly getting closer, which makes it exciting. I'm dying to find out if I will be training NeXT time.
But yeah, on last p-day we went out looking for a Beach where we could just chill and hang out and do our Things. (I brought the guitar, so I could learn) Someone recommended this Beach, so naturally it was the first place we went. It was very crowded, way too crowded for us. But we saw that farther Down the Beach there weren't as many people. So we went over this hill so we couldn't see the Beach anymore and walked Down that way, then we found a path through the hill that was covered in brush. But as we burst through the brush to the Beach we discovered that we found the nudist section of it... So we ended up driving to a different Beach.
On that note... on Tuesday we taught some people, then we tried to stop by some people, which didn't really Work out. Then we made a Klip Krans (Bread thing) to give to Familien Steen, but even they weren't home. So we hid them in the curtains by their door and left a note. Also, another exciting thing that day is that we found a Ninja course while we walked between two Places we were knocking. It was quite intense.
On Wednesday we had a lesson with a Family where the Dad is inactive, and the mom takes 3 kids under the age of 8 to church every Sunday. It was actually a very good lesson, and the Dad told us that he knows the church is true, and he is working to begin coming back Again. Which is awesome. We talked about how it is so important to help others. Even if it is just a smile when you are passing them on the street, that Little act can help someone out a Whole ton. More than we can understand. After we gave that lesson we talked for a bit, and tossed a ball with the kids while talking... Then when we had to leave the kids blocked the door because they didn't want us to leave. It was quite cute. But we ended up tricking them and saying we were going out the back, then going out the front anyways. That night we had a dinner apointment with a member. It was actually really good. Our Little message was on missionary oppurtunities, and how simple they can be to help others.
Thursday was District meeting, then we went out with our branch president and taught two lessons. They both went really well. We talked about how much the Book of Mormon can help us in our lives.
Friday we had an eating apointment with Familien Steen, and taught them about what it Means to build your house on a rock and be wise, instead of being a fool on the sand. Then we talked about how reading the scriptures shouldn't be a flood, where you read a Whole ton in one day, but rather constant drops, so you read a Little every day. That way you can remember and think over the Things that you learn.
Saturday was the day. We had a baptism for one of the members kids. We actually got Familien Steen, and Gunnan (an asian girl that we are teaching) to it. Baptisms are always the coolest experience ever. I felt the spirit so strongly, and it is always just a good time to get together with others. It makes me realize how thankful I am for the gospel, because I can see how much it helps people in their lives, and how important it is to remember everything that we should do to follow Christ. But after the baptism we had a social thing, with absolutely amazing food. (I ate so much) But during that time, Anders Steen went up to us and was like "We should do something like this every week, I really like getting together with nice people." So we just said... "That's why we have church Anders" He gave into the fact that he should come to church after that. It also rained this night, which made it even better and more special.
On Sunday, Familien Steen was in church! So was another investigator named Aileen! It was awesome. While there Anders actually told some members that he found the right church, now he just needs to find out when he will be ready to be baptized. So, people can see how much the church blesses us. But then we finished off the day with a lesson with Tai. WHO got accepted to attend Harvard via the internet. (Super smart) We taught him about faith and hope and that connection. (Ether 12, read it!) Then we talked about how to get hope, and why people are blessed with different talents but also cursed with harder challenges. It was the best lesson we have had so far with him.
But... that was my week. Sadly this week I didn't make anything special. But I've had 3 kinder eggs every week, so my drawer of those is filling up quite fast.
The church is true. Studying the scriptures every morning is just more evidence to that statement. I know that Christ is our savior, and the ONLY way that we can inherit the prize that could be our. I also know that Christ and God both know everyone personally, and they want the best for us. Sometimes when it gets hard in life it is easy to forget that. But if you push through those times, you will find their love and influence. I believe that everyone will have an oppurtunity to preach the gospel in this life. I believe that it is our responsibilty as members to teach, whether by a smile or by Words.
I love you all, I know that the 'great commandment' really is the most important. Love one another!
Ældste Swan


Wednesday, July 24, 2013

S3:E07 "The Deep end with sushi"

Hello Again everybody!
Another week has come and gone. Not a Whole ton of special Things have happened.
Last monday night we saw some awesome fireworks because it was the end of the Ring Rider fest. That was fun.
Tuesday was an exciting day. I was reunited with my MTC companion, Elder Eisert. We went on splits. So that was two people WHO had been in the land for one month, off on their own. It was actually a lot of fun. We got to talk to eachother and see how it's going. Then we went and contacted some people. Sadly nothing happened. Although we had a conversation with this girl that opened the door that lasted longer than them just saying I'm not interested. It was very cool, that I could understand and talk to someone in a different language. After we knocked a bit we went to see Tai, the computer genius. Which was fun. He talks a lot about a film called "What the bleep do we know" Don't worry, that's the actually title. It just talks about the possibilities of different Things, and more of a science aspect of that. It's quite interesting. So that was fun, good practice for when/if I train. (Which will be in 3 weeks when I know)
Wednesday, yeah... I ate all day on wednesday. We went from serving a member in the morning, then eating with him. To an asian birthday party where we were given a Whole ton of food. Then we went straight from that to a dinner apointment with Familien Steen. Anders Steen is such a good Cook. He is the person we go to if we have questions about baking or cooking. (Because he was a baker) But it was an awesome evening with them. We ate and talked, and had a good time. Then I was able to play on his Little drum pad he had. (Electronic, not like any I had) which was weird, I am awful when it comes to playing drum set. He also gave me a book on learning how to play guitar. Which has been quite helpful. But after all that we shared a good spiritual message, and we are hoping to get them to baptism soon.
Thursday was nice, we had a district meeting in the morning. Then we had 2 lessons after. One was with an asian girl. Its very cool to teach her, because she has had no experience with religion in her life. So for us to explain WHO God is and our purpose here and all that fun stuff. It's very cool to see.
Friday, we got a media referral! Someone wanted a visit from us! So we went up there, and alas, he wasn't home. So we tried Again later that day, still wasn't there. Then we called him, and it turns out the guy wasn't interested. I hate false hope... :( it's not fun to have Things like that happen.
Saturday we stopped by some more people, and tried finding. No luck there, but then that night we had ANOTHER eating apointment with Famlien Steen. I ate probably 12 egg rolls, and a lot of rice. It was very good Again. I'm pretty sure I gained weight last week. But we shared a quick thought with them about Lehi's dream. Then we talked to Anders about quitting smoking. That's our goal for NeXT time, to make a plan on how we can help him.
Sunday was a good day. We met with a less active, told him to come to church. Then we had dinner with Tom, the member we serve every week. It was very good. We had an awesome dessert called Æble Kage, which is a very simple thing, and I'm told I will get it a lot. It is pretty much just apple sauce, Graham cracker, and whipcream. Super tasty though. Then we stopped by Familien Steen. Talked on the door step with them for a while.
I totally forgot to mention I made Sushi on Friday! It was actually quite delicious, but it wasn't perfect. I will try Again this week I think. Quite exciting times in learning to Cook now!
Thanks for everything and reading my emails and stuff. I wish the best for all of you!
With much loves!
Ældste Swan


Monday, July 15, 2013

S3:E06 "Quantum physics, disease, and horses"

Hello again.
Everything is going well over in the Land of Denmark. Not a whole ton has changed... Time is just flying by here, it's weird... i've been in the land for more than a month now. I also got news that I will probably be training next transfer... in 4 weeks.. But everything is great! I love the people and the food still. We got dropped by Phillip and Pernilla sadly. But we continue to work hard and help people.
So after emailing y'all last monday, we tried to make some home made toffee waffles. They actually weren't half bad. But we can do better, which might be what we are doing tonight. Also I recieved a package from my family. Thanks for the bubble butts, and the candy and the tie. The candy is fantastic. (The cookies and cream bars actually are better in the states.) But anyways, I will take some time to describe my companion some more, I feel that I haven't done that very in depth yet. So he was born and raised in Maine, he uses a ton of 'natural' things (toileteries and other random things) His family every summer went up to work at a scout camp, and would live up there as well. He played table top games (like warhammer) and role playing games (like D&D) He also did a lot of comic book reading and acting. He went to BYU before coming out here... (such a zoobie) but he is cool. I feel that the activities and things I mentioned above are enough to learn his personality.
Then on Tuesday, we taught Tai, that kid is still a genius. Most in depth lessons I have ever taught, and ever will teach. It gets into quantum physics and other dimensions of where God is and all that stuff. But alas, right now he doesn't believe that there is a God... so that is what we are trying to teach him about and help him find an answer. Then we tried to stop by some others. But, Tuesday morning, the day after opening my package from the family, I felt deathly ill. (exaggerated but still) Not especially fun.
Wednesday was this zone training where they taught us how to talk to media peoples. It was pretty intense. Although I felt like death.
Thursday, we tried to find some less actives, and they lived minutes away from Germany. So we went down there and could see the hills of Germany. It was very cool to see. Later that day we taught this girl from China, who is here for schooling. It was cool to teach her because she never really learned about God, or the concept of someone helping us. So we taught her about prayer and God and the help we can recieve. It was a very cool lesson, and the spirit was strong.
Friday, was the beginning of something called the "Ring Rider Fest" here in Sønderborg. This fest consists of people on horses, with little pike/mini lance things, trying to stab through little rings. It is actually pretty cool to see. There was also a fair place set up, with roller coasters and random games. But we actually had an awesome lesson and eating apointment with a member, we got him pumped up for Jesus... if one could say that. He is ready to go out and do some missionary work now, which is awesome to see. Then we taught a German couple with a less active. (Yaseen) BUT while teaching, the wife would only speak in German, so Yaseen was the only one to understand. In general he wouldn't translate, so we couldn't help him. Also with Yaseen, he isn't the strongest knowledge wise on the gospel. So there very well could have been incorrect things taught. But oh well. The German's house was super cool. Super old school. The roof was probably 6 feet from the ground, and it had an old school fire place. It was very cool to see.
Saturday we went to the Ring Rider Fest for a district activity. Was pretty cool to see them in action. Then we rode the bumper cars. I was by far the most skilled driver, video games do something right! Something really cool with this fest is that all of the scottish drum and pipe bands came. It was very cool to hear them, I'm sure that Brian would have loved to see them all decked out in there kilts and everything else. (I have no idea what the other things are called) But it was awesome to see. For dinner we got another Kebab. (Greatest thing ever) Then we invited Anders to be baptized, and he said that he knows that it's right, and that he will. But he needs to talk to his wife first. So... soon. I'm very excited for them!
Yesterday, church was tiny. 15 people were there because everyone is on vacation right now. It was actually kind of sad. But Tom, the person we had an eating apointment and got him pumped gave an amazing talk about what it means to be a member. We walked and knocked on doors a lot because our plans bailed. But that night we taught Tai, it was great. We talked about the who God is and why we have religion. Which got onto the topic of other dimensions and things like that. But in the end we were just like, study, and pray, you will find answer. So hopefully that's what he will do.
Yups, lots of horses here in Sønderborg this weekend. But the work continues to go forward! Thanks for the prayers and the emails. Love you all!
Ældste Swan

Monday, July 8, 2013

S3:E05 "Superman gives Elder Swan Icecream"

Hi all! Another week has come and gone! Not an incredible amount of random different things happened this week that I can tell you about. But the things I can tell you about, I would love to!
So first off, on Tuesday we had a dinner apointment with some members. It was quite delicious, although it's the family that speaks Danish bonkersly fast. So I didn't understand a whole ton. But that day we also talked with Anders, the greatest guy ever, just about work, and how bad it sucks to work at a grocery store. But alas...
Wednesday... oh wednesday. This day was a legendary day for me. This day started off like any other day. We woke up, exercised, studied then went out. BUT one of the first things we wanted to do was stop by and set up an appointment with someone. But she wasn't there, and her boy friend answered the door. His name is Jack Bo, and he is the biggest guy I have ever seen in my life. He was at least a foot taller than me, his forearms are the size of my torso. (Not quite but still) He had perfectly trimmed facial hair, the slight beard, and his smile could save an orphan from a wild eagle attack. This man, very well could be superman. He is also one of the nicest guys I have ever met. So we chatted with him for a bit, and he actually wants to learn more about what we believe with his girlfriend! (YES!!! I get to see him more!!!) we also did some other stuff, and taught a lesson on Wednesday, but that's not important.
Then on Thursday we had another eating appointment. This was with Familien Kunz. They are extremely nice, and awesome. They have a 13 year old son named Tobias. (Toe-bee-us not related to Arrested Development in any way) who is the coolest kid ever. He already is a missionary, and he plays video games and all that good stuff I like to talk about! But, his dad was actually the one that has played some starcraft, so we had a decent chat about how we both have played starcraft 1 and 2.
Friday, we went up to Esbjerg, where we got to see this random sport event. Kind of like the olympics but smaller. We tried to find people around the gymnist area, so we saw many back flips, lots of spandex, and lots of old people kind of dancing.
Then Saturday, I bought some more toffee waffles from the international market, amazing. Stupidly good food. I ate myself sick that night. But that day we were bonking around and we actually found these 2 guys playing computer. Somehow they let us chat with them for 45 minutes even though they were expecting us to be the pizza guy. They were actually really cool. It was Tai, and Phillip. Tai is a genius, to say the least. He is in the top 10 programmers in Denmark, has read 3 or 4 ivy league universities programs on programming, and all that good stuff. Then Phillip is just really nice. They were beta testing the new Final Fantasty. Which is pretty neat.
Sunday, very good day. Went to church and all that fun stuff, then we went to Tai's house to teach him and Phillip. It was a really great lesson because Tai is the type of genius that just asks questions, and we answered them. But at the end he wanted to show us this video about a christian that studied it out really hard (like old school tablets and things) and is now athiest because it didn't match up with the bible. But, in the video, it talks about what it originally started out as, and it is closely related to Mormonism... (crazy mirite?) But yeah, very very cool, Talking nerd with people is fun.
Also yesterday, we stopped by the girl again, and we were talking with her. Then superman rolled up on his bike. Shook our hands and said hi again. So we continued talking with his girlfriend, then he stuck his head around the corner and was like 'ønske du is?' which is do you want icecream. Of course we said yes. So Superman gave us this little popsickle. It was great!
Anyways... thats about it. Sending this with much loves and stuff!
Ældste Swan

Monday, July 1, 2013

S3:E04 "A man named Kedde"

Hello Again!
First off I will apologize for the random capatilized letters and misspelled Words. The keyboard is in Danish right now. So... I'm still alive! Crazy how that is working out for me. The past week we have been knocking a lot. Not too many people are interested. But the few people we get to talk to, are generally Christian. They have such a strong testimony in Christ, and those chats are one of the most spiritual Things I have felt on my mission.
Also last p-day I recieved a flash drive from Quinn with lots of talks and music. It has been a great Blessing, when we get home at night to listen to the great man Hugh Nibley.
On Monday and Tuesday we watched the missionary message. It is awesome! If you haven't watched it I highly encourage to go do that. The Work in our branch is starting to go forward. I feel that it will explode soon. We are working with them a lot, and giving commitments every week for them to do. (Give out a Book of Mormon, invite a Family to dinner, etc.) It's very cool. Watching that message it made me realize that I should have done a lot more before my mission to help out this great message.
Oh yes... so in Denmark, when they graduate 'high school' instead of getting some dorky Square hat that they Wear once then lose it forever. They all buy this awesome sailors hat, and they Wear it around for a week after graduating. So... to say the least, this week I have been quite jealous of others. It made me realize just how cool sailors hats are, and that I should Wear one when I get off of my mission.
So Wednesday was district meeting. Because we are so far South we take a train for 2 hours to get there. But on this particular wednesday, on our way home. We got on the wrong train. Which went towards Copenhagen. (The opposite way) luckily we caught it when the train first left, so we got off at the NeXT stop. But we ended up getting home at 7 pm that night... to say the least it was very uneventful.
So we met with our 'Ward mission leader' the other day. It was an awesome meeting. We talked about ideas to find people to teach, and ideas to involve the Ward in the mission program. He made us hotdogs. (Way better than American hotdogs) I ate like 7, then gave us icecream (WAY better than American icecream) Then he gave us his favorite chocolate. It's in the shape of a turtle, with a caramel and rum flavored cream in the center. I plan to send Lauren some, because if I remember correctly she likes that kind of stuff. Also, his hobby is to race go karts, which is pretty much the coolest hobby I have seen. His go kart goes around 140 kph, which is nuts. He also Works at Ecco shoes, so if you see an ad or anything, he has seen it too. He is the marketing specialist there. Him and his Family drives 1 hour for church every Sunday as well, that's how awesome he is.
Anders Steen, our investigator is doing really well. We taught him yesterday and read 'The family' and we talked about how important it is to read and pray as a Family. He really wants to try it. Then at the end of the lesson we brought up that church is good for families as well. He told us that he wants to go back to church, because the one time he went, he felt really good, and the rest of his day went really well. So hopefully it will all go well, and he will continue to pray and all that dandy stuff!
On to my favorite man named Kedde. This man, I am going to write a song about. This man, will change the world in many ways. This man, is a Blessing to all that meet him. Anyways... I can't remember if I have talked about him before but he is an awesome guy, one of Yaseens friends. Really nice, and quite the jokester, I think he is in his late 50's. I have begun a list of Things I have noticed about him to write a song about him. They go as follows:
Zipper is always Down
Awesome blondish White hair, comparable to a super-sayin
He is always wearing the same sweater
He has a crazy, skraggily beard (lol at spelling)
His accent is comparable to Alabama gator Hunters times 2. (But in Danish)
He always gives us chocolate milk. (awesome)
Super friendly
He is missing an index finger
He drinks, and smokes, and drinks, and smokes.
But all and all he is pretty much my most favorite guy ever.
Well... I think that's enough from me. So have a good one!
Ældste Swan