Wednesday, July 24, 2013

S3:E07 "The Deep end with sushi"

Hello Again everybody!
Another week has come and gone. Not a Whole ton of special Things have happened.
Last monday night we saw some awesome fireworks because it was the end of the Ring Rider fest. That was fun.
Tuesday was an exciting day. I was reunited with my MTC companion, Elder Eisert. We went on splits. So that was two people WHO had been in the land for one month, off on their own. It was actually a lot of fun. We got to talk to eachother and see how it's going. Then we went and contacted some people. Sadly nothing happened. Although we had a conversation with this girl that opened the door that lasted longer than them just saying I'm not interested. It was very cool, that I could understand and talk to someone in a different language. After we knocked a bit we went to see Tai, the computer genius. Which was fun. He talks a lot about a film called "What the bleep do we know" Don't worry, that's the actually title. It just talks about the possibilities of different Things, and more of a science aspect of that. It's quite interesting. So that was fun, good practice for when/if I train. (Which will be in 3 weeks when I know)
Wednesday, yeah... I ate all day on wednesday. We went from serving a member in the morning, then eating with him. To an asian birthday party where we were given a Whole ton of food. Then we went straight from that to a dinner apointment with Familien Steen. Anders Steen is such a good Cook. He is the person we go to if we have questions about baking or cooking. (Because he was a baker) But it was an awesome evening with them. We ate and talked, and had a good time. Then I was able to play on his Little drum pad he had. (Electronic, not like any I had) which was weird, I am awful when it comes to playing drum set. He also gave me a book on learning how to play guitar. Which has been quite helpful. But after all that we shared a good spiritual message, and we are hoping to get them to baptism soon.
Thursday was nice, we had a district meeting in the morning. Then we had 2 lessons after. One was with an asian girl. Its very cool to teach her, because she has had no experience with religion in her life. So for us to explain WHO God is and our purpose here and all that fun stuff. It's very cool to see.
Friday, we got a media referral! Someone wanted a visit from us! So we went up there, and alas, he wasn't home. So we tried Again later that day, still wasn't there. Then we called him, and it turns out the guy wasn't interested. I hate false hope... :( it's not fun to have Things like that happen.
Saturday we stopped by some more people, and tried finding. No luck there, but then that night we had ANOTHER eating apointment with Famlien Steen. I ate probably 12 egg rolls, and a lot of rice. It was very good Again. I'm pretty sure I gained weight last week. But we shared a quick thought with them about Lehi's dream. Then we talked to Anders about quitting smoking. That's our goal for NeXT time, to make a plan on how we can help him.
Sunday was a good day. We met with a less active, told him to come to church. Then we had dinner with Tom, the member we serve every week. It was very good. We had an awesome dessert called Æble Kage, which is a very simple thing, and I'm told I will get it a lot. It is pretty much just apple sauce, Graham cracker, and whipcream. Super tasty though. Then we stopped by Familien Steen. Talked on the door step with them for a while.
I totally forgot to mention I made Sushi on Friday! It was actually quite delicious, but it wasn't perfect. I will try Again this week I think. Quite exciting times in learning to Cook now!
Thanks for everything and reading my emails and stuff. I wish the best for all of you!
With much loves!
Ældste Swan


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