Monday, July 29, 2013

S3:E08 "Come on in, the Water is fine"

Hi everyone!
Denmark is still good! It's been quite hot and humid the past couple of weeks, so to say the least I have been sweating a Whole ton. The transfer date is slowly getting closer, which makes it exciting. I'm dying to find out if I will be training NeXT time.
But yeah, on last p-day we went out looking for a Beach where we could just chill and hang out and do our Things. (I brought the guitar, so I could learn) Someone recommended this Beach, so naturally it was the first place we went. It was very crowded, way too crowded for us. But we saw that farther Down the Beach there weren't as many people. So we went over this hill so we couldn't see the Beach anymore and walked Down that way, then we found a path through the hill that was covered in brush. But as we burst through the brush to the Beach we discovered that we found the nudist section of it... So we ended up driving to a different Beach.
On that note... on Tuesday we taught some people, then we tried to stop by some people, which didn't really Work out. Then we made a Klip Krans (Bread thing) to give to Familien Steen, but even they weren't home. So we hid them in the curtains by their door and left a note. Also, another exciting thing that day is that we found a Ninja course while we walked between two Places we were knocking. It was quite intense.
On Wednesday we had a lesson with a Family where the Dad is inactive, and the mom takes 3 kids under the age of 8 to church every Sunday. It was actually a very good lesson, and the Dad told us that he knows the church is true, and he is working to begin coming back Again. Which is awesome. We talked about how it is so important to help others. Even if it is just a smile when you are passing them on the street, that Little act can help someone out a Whole ton. More than we can understand. After we gave that lesson we talked for a bit, and tossed a ball with the kids while talking... Then when we had to leave the kids blocked the door because they didn't want us to leave. It was quite cute. But we ended up tricking them and saying we were going out the back, then going out the front anyways. That night we had a dinner apointment with a member. It was actually really good. Our Little message was on missionary oppurtunities, and how simple they can be to help others.
Thursday was District meeting, then we went out with our branch president and taught two lessons. They both went really well. We talked about how much the Book of Mormon can help us in our lives.
Friday we had an eating apointment with Familien Steen, and taught them about what it Means to build your house on a rock and be wise, instead of being a fool on the sand. Then we talked about how reading the scriptures shouldn't be a flood, where you read a Whole ton in one day, but rather constant drops, so you read a Little every day. That way you can remember and think over the Things that you learn.
Saturday was the day. We had a baptism for one of the members kids. We actually got Familien Steen, and Gunnan (an asian girl that we are teaching) to it. Baptisms are always the coolest experience ever. I felt the spirit so strongly, and it is always just a good time to get together with others. It makes me realize how thankful I am for the gospel, because I can see how much it helps people in their lives, and how important it is to remember everything that we should do to follow Christ. But after the baptism we had a social thing, with absolutely amazing food. (I ate so much) But during that time, Anders Steen went up to us and was like "We should do something like this every week, I really like getting together with nice people." So we just said... "That's why we have church Anders" He gave into the fact that he should come to church after that. It also rained this night, which made it even better and more special.
On Sunday, Familien Steen was in church! So was another investigator named Aileen! It was awesome. While there Anders actually told some members that he found the right church, now he just needs to find out when he will be ready to be baptized. So, people can see how much the church blesses us. But then we finished off the day with a lesson with Tai. WHO got accepted to attend Harvard via the internet. (Super smart) We taught him about faith and hope and that connection. (Ether 12, read it!) Then we talked about how to get hope, and why people are blessed with different talents but also cursed with harder challenges. It was the best lesson we have had so far with him.
But... that was my week. Sadly this week I didn't make anything special. But I've had 3 kinder eggs every week, so my drawer of those is filling up quite fast.
The church is true. Studying the scriptures every morning is just more evidence to that statement. I know that Christ is our savior, and the ONLY way that we can inherit the prize that could be our. I also know that Christ and God both know everyone personally, and they want the best for us. Sometimes when it gets hard in life it is easy to forget that. But if you push through those times, you will find their love and influence. I believe that everyone will have an oppurtunity to preach the gospel in this life. I believe that it is our responsibilty as members to teach, whether by a smile or by Words.
I love you all, I know that the 'great commandment' really is the most important. Love one another!
Ældste Swan


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