Monday, June 30, 2014

S8:E9 "They call me doctor worm"

Hello all of your from the other side! Once again, a week has come and gone, and once again, I don't know where the time went. I will try to tell you some things that happened in this week, hopefully it's worth while.
But to start things off, twas the season to burn a witch again. (Crazy that I've been out more than a year right?) This time we didn't actually get to see a witch get burned. We were hanging out with an awesome family though with all the missionaries. It was way fun. We did have a fire, and roasted marshmallows, and the smoke ruined a pair of my pants, but that's okay. I didn't need them anyway. 

Tuesday was a day of pure eating. We stopped by abdi and talked about reading the scriptures, and that it's important that we do it everyday just to remember God, and to feel his spirit at least once through out the day.That was good. Then we had an eating appointment with Ly Ti Lam, the vietnamese girl that feeds us way too much every time we go. I ate my brains out, and she still called me out for not eating very much. The thing is, with her eating appointments, you just sit down and eat, and she is in the kitchen... she doesn't like eating with us, or it's not in their culture or something. But it's delicious food. Then she gave us a 20 pound bag of food to take back with us. Fun day,  then after a quick stop by, we headed to the next appointment, which was way fun. We talked to the kids a lot about serving missions, and our spiritual thought was about D&C 4, and to really think about if you want to serve a mission. 

Wednesday was goodish, I finally got my bike! :D yay! We had to do our weekly planning this day, just because that'ts when it worked out. The other thing that happened was an eating appointment with the klitgårds. It was way fun. The best line of it was "Do you like the potatoes?" ... "It's because I peeled them" The most true statement ever. 

Thursday we had splits, had some fun with Frederikshavn. I was kinda sick, but we still had a good lesson, and a fun time together. 

Friday was more splits, doing service for this American guy, then we ate some delicious lunch with him. Then went to another eating appointment (Pretty good week haha) this time with the Mathiasens (greatest family ever), it was just a fun time with them, getting attacked by two of their kids and just hygge. After that we went to another party for a kid in the ward that graduated, eating more and seeing all the members. It was way fun. I love the ward here, I really hope that I don't transfer. 

Saturday was awesome, we had a ward camp out thingy, where we just had fun in a forest then ate some food. There were water guns and it got a little out of hand. But they started it with the water balloons... it wasn't my fault. I love the ward. After that, we went with Kate and her boyfriend to a viking market! Way awesome tents and people dressed up. Then there was dancing and awesome music. I think I'm going to buy that cd even though it all just talked about the nordic gods. But that was pretty much our day, we had some stop bys after that. 

Sunday  was church, saying bye to a lot of people because I don't know if I will see them again. (Darn summer vacations!) But we stopped by Leif, our favorite member friend, and ate some turtle ice cream and joked around. Then we had an appointment with Familien Jørgensen, and that was fun. We got to play with Maanguaq, and her friend. We had a good spiritual thought on Alma the younger, and how we never know what will happen. It's amazing to see their testimonies and how strong they are. With Judithe, ever since we set the baptismal date way back when, she just knew through the spirit that it was where she should be. 

The church is true, and very cool. Loves <3

Ældste Swan


Monday, June 23, 2014

S8:E9 "The Greenlanders conquered."

Welcome to this weeks episode of "Who's that pokemon"! Or rather, my email to you all about what I've done the past week.

Last monday, we went to the Frosts again! I got to spend quite a lot of time with the 18 year old, Emil. We just kinda hung out, and talked for a bit. I really want that kid to go on a mission. We ate dinner with them, then shared a spiritual thought where we invited all of them to think about serving a mission, and to think about when they could go on a mission. Then sister frost asked us to share why we came on our missions. It was a way awesome lesson, I just hope it did something for Emil. 

Tuesday rolls around and the exciting thing that happened was that we brought Malik Jørgensen (The newly baptized guy) with us to a lesson with a less active girl. It went way well! We just talked about how we have to trust in the Lord, and that he knows better than us. After that we walked with Malik to his house, where we had an eating appointment. It was a great day. We also got to talk about the priesthood to the Jørgensens and Sakarias, and why we need it. Very very good. 

Wednesday was a good day of service with Benny, we did lot's of random garden work. That was fun. We actually spent all day with them until we played basketball. A good day. 

Thursday we were able to stop by Erik, our older member friend. We listened to his stories for a little bit, then we went to a young mens activity and played some flag football with them. Nothing like playing flag football with a whole ton of danes that don't know the rules. But it was way fun. 

Friday was good as well. We found that the international market is back. (Boy have I missed it) so I bought 20 deutch waffles. Other than that, we had a little priesthood dinner thing in the church, so we got to get to know some of the Elders better.

Saturday was fun, is was the national greenlandic day, so we went to the Greenlandic house to hear Judithe sing, it was way fun. Then we went back for dinner, and to hear Judithe sing again. Nothing like watching a whole ton of Greenlandic people sing and dance. It was a blast. 

Sunday was church, and we got a new bishop. That was pretty exciting. We also had a way good lesson with Mette, who thought about baptism a lot since the last time we had met with her. She knows how serious it is and thinks it through a lot. She is an awesome lady. We talked a lot about prayer, and how that is the first step to come closer to God. Then we had another eating appointment with the Jørgensens, and we played soccer with them. (I got nailed in the face, classic) and then we had a good follow up lesson on baptism, but more specifically why we have challenges and repentance. (Ether 12) 

So that was my week, a way good week. I hope that you guys have a great week and I send my loves. <3