Monday, June 23, 2014

S8:E9 "The Greenlanders conquered."

Welcome to this weeks episode of "Who's that pokemon"! Or rather, my email to you all about what I've done the past week.

Last monday, we went to the Frosts again! I got to spend quite a lot of time with the 18 year old, Emil. We just kinda hung out, and talked for a bit. I really want that kid to go on a mission. We ate dinner with them, then shared a spiritual thought where we invited all of them to think about serving a mission, and to think about when they could go on a mission. Then sister frost asked us to share why we came on our missions. It was a way awesome lesson, I just hope it did something for Emil. 

Tuesday rolls around and the exciting thing that happened was that we brought Malik Jørgensen (The newly baptized guy) with us to a lesson with a less active girl. It went way well! We just talked about how we have to trust in the Lord, and that he knows better than us. After that we walked with Malik to his house, where we had an eating appointment. It was a great day. We also got to talk about the priesthood to the Jørgensens and Sakarias, and why we need it. Very very good. 

Wednesday was a good day of service with Benny, we did lot's of random garden work. That was fun. We actually spent all day with them until we played basketball. A good day. 

Thursday we were able to stop by Erik, our older member friend. We listened to his stories for a little bit, then we went to a young mens activity and played some flag football with them. Nothing like playing flag football with a whole ton of danes that don't know the rules. But it was way fun. 

Friday was good as well. We found that the international market is back. (Boy have I missed it) so I bought 20 deutch waffles. Other than that, we had a little priesthood dinner thing in the church, so we got to get to know some of the Elders better.

Saturday was fun, is was the national greenlandic day, so we went to the Greenlandic house to hear Judithe sing, it was way fun. Then we went back for dinner, and to hear Judithe sing again. Nothing like watching a whole ton of Greenlandic people sing and dance. It was a blast. 

Sunday was church, and we got a new bishop. That was pretty exciting. We also had a way good lesson with Mette, who thought about baptism a lot since the last time we had met with her. She knows how serious it is and thinks it through a lot. She is an awesome lady. We talked a lot about prayer, and how that is the first step to come closer to God. Then we had another eating appointment with the Jørgensens, and we played soccer with them. (I got nailed in the face, classic) and then we had a good follow up lesson on baptism, but more specifically why we have challenges and repentance. (Ether 12) 

So that was my week, a way good week. I hope that you guys have a great week and I send my loves. <3


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