Monday, July 15, 2013

S3:E06 "Quantum physics, disease, and horses"

Hello again.
Everything is going well over in the Land of Denmark. Not a whole ton has changed... Time is just flying by here, it's weird... i've been in the land for more than a month now. I also got news that I will probably be training next transfer... in 4 weeks.. But everything is great! I love the people and the food still. We got dropped by Phillip and Pernilla sadly. But we continue to work hard and help people.
So after emailing y'all last monday, we tried to make some home made toffee waffles. They actually weren't half bad. But we can do better, which might be what we are doing tonight. Also I recieved a package from my family. Thanks for the bubble butts, and the candy and the tie. The candy is fantastic. (The cookies and cream bars actually are better in the states.) But anyways, I will take some time to describe my companion some more, I feel that I haven't done that very in depth yet. So he was born and raised in Maine, he uses a ton of 'natural' things (toileteries and other random things) His family every summer went up to work at a scout camp, and would live up there as well. He played table top games (like warhammer) and role playing games (like D&D) He also did a lot of comic book reading and acting. He went to BYU before coming out here... (such a zoobie) but he is cool. I feel that the activities and things I mentioned above are enough to learn his personality.
Then on Tuesday, we taught Tai, that kid is still a genius. Most in depth lessons I have ever taught, and ever will teach. It gets into quantum physics and other dimensions of where God is and all that stuff. But alas, right now he doesn't believe that there is a God... so that is what we are trying to teach him about and help him find an answer. Then we tried to stop by some others. But, Tuesday morning, the day after opening my package from the family, I felt deathly ill. (exaggerated but still) Not especially fun.
Wednesday was this zone training where they taught us how to talk to media peoples. It was pretty intense. Although I felt like death.
Thursday, we tried to find some less actives, and they lived minutes away from Germany. So we went down there and could see the hills of Germany. It was very cool to see. Later that day we taught this girl from China, who is here for schooling. It was cool to teach her because she never really learned about God, or the concept of someone helping us. So we taught her about prayer and God and the help we can recieve. It was a very cool lesson, and the spirit was strong.
Friday, was the beginning of something called the "Ring Rider Fest" here in Sønderborg. This fest consists of people on horses, with little pike/mini lance things, trying to stab through little rings. It is actually pretty cool to see. There was also a fair place set up, with roller coasters and random games. But we actually had an awesome lesson and eating apointment with a member, we got him pumped up for Jesus... if one could say that. He is ready to go out and do some missionary work now, which is awesome to see. Then we taught a German couple with a less active. (Yaseen) BUT while teaching, the wife would only speak in German, so Yaseen was the only one to understand. In general he wouldn't translate, so we couldn't help him. Also with Yaseen, he isn't the strongest knowledge wise on the gospel. So there very well could have been incorrect things taught. But oh well. The German's house was super cool. Super old school. The roof was probably 6 feet from the ground, and it had an old school fire place. It was very cool to see.
Saturday we went to the Ring Rider Fest for a district activity. Was pretty cool to see them in action. Then we rode the bumper cars. I was by far the most skilled driver, video games do something right! Something really cool with this fest is that all of the scottish drum and pipe bands came. It was very cool to hear them, I'm sure that Brian would have loved to see them all decked out in there kilts and everything else. (I have no idea what the other things are called) But it was awesome to see. For dinner we got another Kebab. (Greatest thing ever) Then we invited Anders to be baptized, and he said that he knows that it's right, and that he will. But he needs to talk to his wife first. So... soon. I'm very excited for them!
Yesterday, church was tiny. 15 people were there because everyone is on vacation right now. It was actually kind of sad. But Tom, the person we had an eating apointment and got him pumped gave an amazing talk about what it means to be a member. We walked and knocked on doors a lot because our plans bailed. But that night we taught Tai, it was great. We talked about the who God is and why we have religion. Which got onto the topic of other dimensions and things like that. But in the end we were just like, study, and pray, you will find answer. So hopefully that's what he will do.
Yups, lots of horses here in Sønderborg this weekend. But the work continues to go forward! Thanks for the prayers and the emails. Love you all!
Ældste Swan

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