Monday, July 1, 2013

S3:E04 "A man named Kedde"

Hello Again!
First off I will apologize for the random capatilized letters and misspelled Words. The keyboard is in Danish right now. So... I'm still alive! Crazy how that is working out for me. The past week we have been knocking a lot. Not too many people are interested. But the few people we get to talk to, are generally Christian. They have such a strong testimony in Christ, and those chats are one of the most spiritual Things I have felt on my mission.
Also last p-day I recieved a flash drive from Quinn with lots of talks and music. It has been a great Blessing, when we get home at night to listen to the great man Hugh Nibley.
On Monday and Tuesday we watched the missionary message. It is awesome! If you haven't watched it I highly encourage to go do that. The Work in our branch is starting to go forward. I feel that it will explode soon. We are working with them a lot, and giving commitments every week for them to do. (Give out a Book of Mormon, invite a Family to dinner, etc.) It's very cool. Watching that message it made me realize that I should have done a lot more before my mission to help out this great message.
Oh yes... so in Denmark, when they graduate 'high school' instead of getting some dorky Square hat that they Wear once then lose it forever. They all buy this awesome sailors hat, and they Wear it around for a week after graduating. So... to say the least, this week I have been quite jealous of others. It made me realize just how cool sailors hats are, and that I should Wear one when I get off of my mission.
So Wednesday was district meeting. Because we are so far South we take a train for 2 hours to get there. But on this particular wednesday, on our way home. We got on the wrong train. Which went towards Copenhagen. (The opposite way) luckily we caught it when the train first left, so we got off at the NeXT stop. But we ended up getting home at 7 pm that night... to say the least it was very uneventful.
So we met with our 'Ward mission leader' the other day. It was an awesome meeting. We talked about ideas to find people to teach, and ideas to involve the Ward in the mission program. He made us hotdogs. (Way better than American hotdogs) I ate like 7, then gave us icecream (WAY better than American icecream) Then he gave us his favorite chocolate. It's in the shape of a turtle, with a caramel and rum flavored cream in the center. I plan to send Lauren some, because if I remember correctly she likes that kind of stuff. Also, his hobby is to race go karts, which is pretty much the coolest hobby I have seen. His go kart goes around 140 kph, which is nuts. He also Works at Ecco shoes, so if you see an ad or anything, he has seen it too. He is the marketing specialist there. Him and his Family drives 1 hour for church every Sunday as well, that's how awesome he is.
Anders Steen, our investigator is doing really well. We taught him yesterday and read 'The family' and we talked about how important it is to read and pray as a Family. He really wants to try it. Then at the end of the lesson we brought up that church is good for families as well. He told us that he wants to go back to church, because the one time he went, he felt really good, and the rest of his day went really well. So hopefully it will all go well, and he will continue to pray and all that dandy stuff!
On to my favorite man named Kedde. This man, I am going to write a song about. This man, will change the world in many ways. This man, is a Blessing to all that meet him. Anyways... I can't remember if I have talked about him before but he is an awesome guy, one of Yaseens friends. Really nice, and quite the jokester, I think he is in his late 50's. I have begun a list of Things I have noticed about him to write a song about him. They go as follows:
Zipper is always Down
Awesome blondish White hair, comparable to a super-sayin
He is always wearing the same sweater
He has a crazy, skraggily beard (lol at spelling)
His accent is comparable to Alabama gator Hunters times 2. (But in Danish)
He always gives us chocolate milk. (awesome)
Super friendly
He is missing an index finger
He drinks, and smokes, and drinks, and smokes.
But all and all he is pretty much my most favorite guy ever.
Well... I think that's enough from me. So have a good one!
Ældste Swan

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