Monday, June 24, 2013

S3:E03 "Elder Swan burns the witch"

So... everything is going well in Denmark. Just to follow up on the whole P90X thing... I did two workouts, the first one was easy peazy, but then the next one was pleio, took me four days to be able to walk normally. I haven't done it since, and I don't plan on doing pleio ever again. But my short workouts seem to be working. Ever so slowly becoming in shape.
Okay, so on Tuesday, I went on splits with Elder Singleton, which was pretty sweet. He is going home in 2 months which is weird. But while on splits we went to an Organ concert in an old school castle church. It was actually pretty sweet. (Although the music was super old and pretty bad...) BUT, we found the best kebab ever. It's like betos times 20. Tastes so much better, and it's bigger. Fun fact, I'm going to go buy one for lunch soon! But it's like a greek burrito thing... if you want to learn more there is always google!
Then the next morning for our exercise we went and found my MTC teachers grave. That was exciting. My companion got two ticks on that hike. After that we helped put up two shelves for a member. But it was all with a screw driver, which was exciting. Then we met with an investigator, who told us that she kind of wants to take a break from religion, but then we kept teaching her and she felt the spirit and said that when we say it, it seems so right. At the end she said she still wanted to meet with us and pray and read from the book of mormon... so we don't know what she is right now. Half investigator. So last email I said that we don't do much knocking... that was a lie. We have been trying to find this week, so we have been knocking quite a bit. BUT we met an awesome black guy. After talking to him for a bit, we said that we were from USA and he was just like "Why aren't we talking in English?" then he complimented us for dedicating 2 years of our lives and took a card and seemed interested. Super nice guy.
Pretty much all we did this week was knock... not a whole lot happened. Although our mission president came down and taught a lesson with us. That was exciting. While knocking I made friends with two cats that followed me around the whole time we were in the area, that was pretty awesome. I love making friends, especially ones that like me.
Last night was the witch burning festival here. So we went with Yaseen. It was quite fun. They were singing songs, and watching a witch burn by the ocean. A lot of fun! I will send some pictures to some peoples.
Thanks for everything!
Ældste Swan


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