Monday, March 3, 2014

S6:E11 "Oh Sandy Face"

Hey hey hey, It's me Again! I'm doing well, pushing forward, spreading the gospel! It's been a Little tough this past week because we couldn't get in with like any of our investigators, but nonetheless it was a good week.

Monday we started off by going to the big mall Again called Fisketorvet. That was fun, nothing too special happened except for one of the sister missionaries in my district bought a pair of crock dress shoes... they are one of the most tacky Things ever invented. Then we had a good eating appointment with the Tofts. This is the Family with all of the crazy kids and it just goes wild when the missionaries are over. We talked about movies, all the movies that have come out in the past year, and then me and my companion had to leave, while the sisters gave the spiritual thought. After that appointment, we tried stopping by a less active, WHO wasn't home... which was a Little saddening. Then we went home, because it was that time Again.

Tuesday, we had a good district meeting. It was the last one for Elder Pitts. :( I'm gonna miss that guy. (Random thing, he was in my dream last night, that's how badly I will miss him) So we had a good meeting, then we ate lunch as a district, which was cool. We were watching some videos while we talked and just had a good time. After that we stopped by Ibrahim and made an appointment with him. Then we had another eating appointment, where elder Christensen (My son) gave the spiritual thought, or at least started it. We just talked about how we can do missionary Work together in stead of as 2 different forces. After that appointment, we stopped by Karina, the girl that loves nature, and she had some incense burning in her house, and we drank some tea, and talked for like an hour. When we were leaving I was kind of mumbling what I was saying, I thought it was because I was really tired. But Karina and my companion said that I was high... so... only God knows.

2:00 AM, it happened Again... I don't know what the members are doing to me.

Wednesday rolls around, and we started off by stopping by a potential in virum, but she wasn't reasonable, or interested. after that we stopped by some referrals that had never been contacted in Bagsværd, but I don't think they were home, then we went back Down to the CUV center to teach our English class, but once Again, no one came. Not even Elijah. Although Elijah said he would've come if we would've stayed longer. So after that we tried stopping by some less actives with the extra time we had.

Thursday morning we went up to Gl. Holte to stop by Mary Jane, the potential from the Phillipines that we met at a bus stop. Sadly, she wasn't too interested. It was like a knife to my Heart, then we tried stopping by the Family up there that we found kind of miraculously, but they weren't home Again... Then we had an appointment with Ibrahim. It was way... interesting because we got to see him do a Muslim prayer. That was an experience. Then we got to talk with him for quite a long time and this time we actually got to teach a lesson. Sadly he isn't positive... at all. Maybe in the NeXT life. But that was the exciting part of the day.

Friday was all right, in the morning we went to the police station so that Elder Christensen could do his biometrics. So that was just walking to and from the place. Then we did our weekly planning, which was a blast as usual, then I got to hold a baptismal interview for someone. That was a way cool experience. It was kinda more like a fake interview, just so she could see how she is doing. But we had a way good chat, and a good lesson. Just about the church, and she believes everything, just needs a testimony in the Book of Mormon and the restoration. So, it's coming.  Then we ate pizza with her, and the sisters. (Because natalia is their investigator.)

Natalia called me fat while we were eating... it was hurtful.

Saturday comes around, and we had a meeting in the morning, where they talked about the spirit of Elijah, and how sometimes just talking about Family experiences it can invite the spirit. They talked about how we can use that as missionaries, and how we can turn the conversations to a gospel related thing. That was sweet. Then once Again we met with Natalia with the sisters, just because she is so close. They asked us to come and give her a Blessing, so that was exciting. I butchered her name. (It's Ukranian) That's a hard language... But we had a way good lesson with her, just talking about her questions, and trying to answer them.

Sunday, church!! It was alright. We can't seem to get an investigator there... but oh well. We are still working hard. We stopped by Preben and Inge, and shared a Little lesson with them. These two are hoarders, their house is full to the roof, BUT they cleaned out another Square! They actually did a lot and it looked like a kajillion times better. It still smells like something died in there. I love Preben and Inge, they are so funny, and way sweet. I wish that we could help them out more, but visiting them and giving them some Company is enough. Then we had an appointment with the Meilsøes, that was a lot of fun. We had a lessson where we just talked about Family experiences and why the Family is important.

Now, I am here. :D Crazy, I know.I love you all, and so does the Lord. Remember WHO you are.

From the one, the only,

Ældste Swan

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