Monday, February 24, 2014

S6:E10 "Ushering like Usher"

Hello everybody! I hope that you all are doing well, I'm still doing great and still alive and strong. Nothing too out of the ordinary, although I might be sick... or just really tired, one of the two. But on to the exciting part!
Monday, after writing home we headed to the big gågade in Copenhagen, and just walked Down it and checked out some of the stores there. That was way cool, a very pretty place. Then we stopped by some people, starting with a less active, Jakob Sandersen. We stopped by him, and he was just heading out the door, but we were Lucky enough to catch him and we got his number so we could make an appointment later. WOOT! Then we stopped by Rosa Haagensen, and we got to talk to her daughter for a bit. She ended up driving us home, even though we were fine with walking, but in the car, we tallked all about the church, and we ended up giving her a pamphlet, and because she was from Sønderborg, I was able to explain to her where the church is and told her to go there. So that was way cool, and it was like a connection back to my "home Ward".
Tuesday rolls around, which was fun. We had district meeting which was exciting because the zone leaders weren't there. So we bought a Whole ton of pastries and chocolate milk, but still had a way spiritual time. After that we all went out and got a burger and the famous Obama Burger place, and like always, it was delicious. After that we went to the Family history center with David Barrett, which was sweet. I was able to see my Danish ancestors, and know where they come from. We also found out that Elder Christensen goes all the way back to Constantine, so from now on we call him emperor Young blood. After that, we went to an eating appointment with the Frosts, which was a lot of fun. To close the night off, we had a meeting at the church, which went way well, just talking about missionary Work and all that fun stuff.
Wednesday was an interesting day, we started off by having an appointment at 9 in the morning with someone. It went way well. It was our first time meeting with him, and he was in Utah a couple years back. We taught him about the restoration, and he was way interested in the historical back ground of the indians and the book of mormon. So that went way well. Then we went walking through the Woods with Karina, which was... interesting. It was lot's of her telling us about how the nature is where it's at, and that we can hug trees and feel the energy and so on... so, very exciting. :D oh yeah... then we went to teach the Danish class which was not so fun. No one showed up, and while we were waiting outside 2 muslims came and and pretty much started arguing with us, which took 30 minutes of our time. BUT before that we actually went to the taco shop with Elder and Sister Hansen, they are a couple that I love so much, they are my favorite. So that was a lot of fun.
Thursday comes around, and we start by stopping by the Engbjergs, and we found out that they were actually the mission presidents in Poland a couple years ago. I was a Little surprised. So we had a nice Little chat with her, then we stopped by some people trying to make appointments. Then we stopped by Rosa just to see how she was doing. Sadly she was feeling sick, and it is now that everyone has left. So it was still nice to just stop by. Then we had a way good eating appointment with Familien Østergaard, the dad (I can't think of his name right now) comes from Aalborg, which is where Maybrit comes from. He actually knows Maybrit and has visited her once in the states. So that was cool. They made this way yummy meatloaf thingy.
Friday rolls around, we start the morning by doing some stop bys, but no luck, then we did some weekly planning, pretty straight forward stuff. After that we went to David Barretts and shared a message with him on Patriarchal Blessings, and that went way well. I hope that he will end up getting his soon. I love David so much, he is my bro, and we always have a good time when we are there.
Saturday, It was a lot of stop bys with not too much happening. I had the oppurtunity to talk to Thomas Eriksen from Sønderborg on his Brothers phone. (It just so happened that we stopped by right when he called) so that was fun. Other than that... I can't think of anything special that happened.
Sunday, church! It was a good day at church, even though no investigators came. :( But that's okay, it will happen NeXT week. Elder Christensen ended up giving a testimony/talk that went well. I was impressed. I ended up being the usher for the day, that was fun. It took me back to the good old jr. high days. After church, we tried stopping by a referral, WHO wasn't home. But we will talk to him soon!!!
And now I'm here. :D quite hungry, gonna get some grub. I love you all, I hope you have a good week. Stay stronk!


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