Monday, February 10, 2014

S6:E8 "Being taught by someone special"

Hey everyone, I hope you all have had a good week like I have! I'm pretty sure I gained 10 Pounds in the past week, so... that's just a sneak peak into what happened.
Monday, we had Essentials because we wanted to go to the temple. So we wrote home, then stopped by some less actives. We stopped by Rosa Haagensen and had a nice chat and lesson with her. Then we had an awesome eating appointment with the Paulsens. I love this Family so much, they are way pumped about missionary Work as well. So we just had a good time, hearing stories about how they sleep talk and walk. Then we got Down to the nitty gritty of how we can Work better together, as members and as missionaries. So we ended up planning a fire side with them, where we can invite investigators, as well as splits with them to stop by less actives. It was one of those appointments where I was like "Members are awesome!"
Tuesday, Way good day. We started off the day by being taught by Jesus in a zone training... and by Jesus, I mean the person that plays Jesus in the testaments. (He's Danish!!!) So that was way way cool. He is a spiritual giant. He talked a lot about how we as missionaries should remember that they still have needs. Then he talked about how missionary Work for members isn't a job, it's a mindset. That we as members should read our scriptures every morning, get a Little boost, then looking for oppurtunities to mention it. It doesn't have to be a big thing, like knocking on doors. So I was just like "YEAH!!!! You tell us!" So that was way awesome to learn some more from a Dane. Then I got to see Elder Holbrook Again, which is sweet. he is such a cutie. Then we played sequence with a less active and her boy friend Again. The only difference is that Kim and I won both times this time!!! :D
Wednesday rolls around and I wake up feeling kinda sick. But we had a way cool appointment planned with a new Family. Which bailed... then all of our plans bailed... it kinda sucked. So here I was feeling kind of sick, trying to think of what we can do instead. So we stopped by David Barrett, and shared a good message, and just had a good time chatting. Then he came with us to a different eating appointment. Which was yet Again a lot of fun. Even though it seems like everyone makes fun of me... I always seem to be the center of attention.
Thursday comes and we actually stopped by a dropped investigator WHO was like "I've been waiting for you" and we were just like, oh snap, this is the end of us. But he was a way nice Muslim that just wanted to talk, and talk, and talk. So I learned a lot about Islam, and their beliefs. So that was cool. Then we had an eating appointment with President. Which was fun, and odd to be back there. The one time I had been there before was when I first arrived in Denmark. But it was still cool, and Sister Sederholm makes amazing food. Then we went with David to the stake priesthood meeting. It was a way fun day. The priesthood meeting was all on missionary Work, and how we as priesthood bearers need to lead the charge.
Friday was our p day because we found out that we couldn't go to the temple T.T but we had a good day. We went to the taco shop, and ate some mexican food. Then we did something. I can't really remember what. I think I made a pastry or something. But we finished off the day by weekly planning, it was kind of a lame day.
Saturday rolls around and this day was all knocking pretty much. We had one stop by in the morning, where we talked with this 91 year old guy. It was like a knife in my Heart, when we were leaving, he grabbed my hand and he was just like "come back" and I was like "we definitely will" It just made me realize that missionary Work is caring for people, not getting numbers or anything. So that was cool. Then we went bonking, and nothing too special happened. We found a Lutherin that knew his bible way well. So it was cool to hear his theories. Then we went to the bus stop to go home, and there was a girl from the Phillipines. We got talking with her and ended up talking for 40 to 50 minutes. So that was way cool.
Sunday was a good day. We had church, and David Barrett blessed the sacrament! I had like tears in my eyes. It was just cool to see a new convert, helping build up the church in that way. Then we had the oppurtunity to teach a primary class on short notice! It was awesome to see how stinkin smart those kids are. We just talked about what the Book of Mormon is, and why it's important. Then we talked about how we can share what we know with others. It went way well. After that we had an eating appointment with Jo Jansen. This guy, he's a really nice guy. But he served a mission, and did way well on it. Then he got married and went inactive. He has a super strong testimony, and he can't deny it. He is just being super lazy. So that's our job now! So we had a good lesson with him. Just kinda reminding him what's up.
2 a.m I wake up feeling way sick, and I'm in the bathroom trying to puke for 20 minutes. But then I ended up just going to sleep
This morning, we played handball with like 14 missionaries. It was a Whole ton of fun. That sport is the bomb. Super Rad.
I love you all, and hope you have a good week!
Ældste Swan

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