Monday, February 17, 2014

S6:E9 "Running businesses in frozen lakes "

Hello everybody, I hope that you all have had a good week. Mine has been chill, and fun. Nothing too wild has happened. (Even though it was Valentines Day) I'm still alive, going strong.
But on Monday, we went to check out two churches, one of which has this way cool Tower at the top. We were hoping to be able to go up there. But sadly... it was closed, and is until March. So that was a Little dissappointing. Then after getting lost in Copenhagen like we always do when we go into the city, we found our way to our eating appointment with the Eriksens Again. They are pretty much our Family, and I'm way appreciative of that. We had a nice chat, just about how we can become better and how we can reach our goal of finding someone to teach. We also talked about music, and just all those random Things. Actually, lots of the conversation was about marriage, because their daughter is getting married in a month or two, so they are dealing with all that planning lameness, that I do not look forward to.
Tuesday rolls around, and we have a way good district meeting, and president was there, so that was exciting. But it actually went way well. We just talked about how we can study more effectively, and Things like that. Then we played a game where they had to answer questions after studying a Little something out of PMG. So that was fun. But after that we stopped by Rosa Haagensen Again, and we were able to meet the last of her daughters, and we had a good chat with her, they are always way nice. She actually came from Sønderborg, so that was a nice surprise, and she also knew a Whole ton about vikings, and when we were leaving she was like "Møjn" and I was like oh my goodness, that Sønderborg slang, and I miss it. But then we had another eating appointment, which was a lot of fun. It was with the Leits, and they have a way fun Family. We shared a good spiritual thought which included the sisters. We just talked about the power of being an example to others. :D Then they gave us some of the delicious orange whip cream stuff Again.
Wednesday rolls around and we just did a Whole ton of stop bys. Nothing too special happened. Although we did throw some Sticks at a frozen lake trying to break it. Other than that, I can't think of anything that happened.
Thursday was splits, I went out with elder Pitts, it was a lot of fun. We did a lot of finding and stop bys. It was a lot of fun to get to know Elder Pitts better, and he knew a Whole ton about business and computers. So we had some good conversations about the future. Nothing too special happened during the day though. We watched some kids graffiti this wall while we were finding. That was fun.
Friday rolls around, we started off by finding, and knocking this way tall Building. Whilst there was a soccer game going on below us, so that was cool to Watch inbetween doors. Then we did our weekly planning, then we stopped by this list of potentials that we recieved. That was cool. Then we had yet another eating appointment, this one was in memory of Elder Pitts, because he is going home soon. So we had a way good lesson about how the atonement changes us from the worst of situations or people, to the best. I tried to make it a romantic day, but Elder Christensen wouldn't accept my love.
Saturday comes around, and we spend the morning finding Again, then we stopped by a way positive potential and set up an appointment with them. Then we had a way sweet appointment with Ibrahim (Moizoos) and that was a way long chat we had, just talking about what we believe in. So we learned alot about islam, which I think is way interesting. My companion was probably hating himself in there. But I enjoyed it. Then we ate dinne, and went finding some more! Woot! :D all in all it was a good day. A large chunch of it was with Ibrahim.
Sunday, we had church which was good. It was actually a missionary farewell, which was weird to see... It made me realize how Little I remember of mine. haha. But the cool thing was that there was this random guy in church, and I was able to talk to him for a long time. He just said that he is going through a lot right now, and that he wanted some Peace in his life. Sadly, he said he had too much on his plate to learn about the gospel now, but he said that he would be back. :D Then we had another eating appointment at the bishops, which was a lot of fun. They are always a fun Family. They remember me because of one comment I said last time... that was that I hadn't had vegetables in 3 months. haha so now they just give me the vegetables. :)
Now I'm here, just played some handball and some floor hockey, which was way fun, and about to go out and eat some food. WOOT! :D I hope you all will have a great week, and remember that my loves is with you!
Ældste Swan

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