Monday, February 3, 2014

S6:E7 "A winter wonderland"

Hey everybody! I am doing well over here in the land of Vikings and Heroes! I've been eating pastries, too often, I'm actually getting a little sick of them. (Literrally) but that's okay. It's getting warmer, and brighter out side!

But last monday, after writing home, we ended up stumbling upon this awesome park in copenhagen. It was way pretty, and while we were walking through it taking pictures, Elder Christensen made the genius comment of saying "This is a perfect time for a date." and I just stopped and looked at him, and of course he was like "That's not what I meant!" but, we all know what he meant. So that was sweet. Then after a nice park trip, we went to an eating appointment with Famlien Eriksen. We had a way good time up there, eating some tacos. Then Søren Eriksen sits us down and he is like, "okay, now the reason you are here" and he went on to say that he wants someone they can teach in their house, so we set a goal to find someone to teach by the 15th, and we were going to pray for it. So that was a way cool experience, just to have a member so pumped for missionary work, and this idea is awesome, because it gives the missionaries more of a purpose going out finding. Oh, and they gave us Æblekage, which was heavenly.

Tuesday rolls around, had a good district meeting, then we tried stopping by the Eriksens parents... who sadly weren't home. We tried stopping by some people, with no luck. But we had another eating appointment where we just talked about what we as missionaries can do better, and what they as members could do better to hasten the work of salvation. So that was a way cool lesson.

Wednesday, was a good day. We took Elijah, a new convert to an Elders house. (He is home now because something is wrong with his foot) and we had a good lesson. We have been focusing on Elijah a lot because he has been watching lot's of anti mormon crap that has confused him alot about what to believe. But we had a good lesson just on how we can use prayer and the scriptures to find our own answers. And avoid the confusion that comes from outside sources. Then... yet again... we had an eating appointment. We had a good lesson on how prayers can be answered. We focused on how it takes work, and diligence to recieve the answer to our prayers. So that went well.

Thursday come around, Elder Christensen is taking his language test (3 months early), but as a good senior companion, we take a train that will get us to the town at 9:15, and his test started at 9:15. So we get off the train and I start running. He starts running behind me. 5 minutes later, I realized that we were running the wrong way. haha. So turn around, and run back. We got to the testing center like 10 minutes late, and luckily they were nice enough that he could still take it. :D then we had some authentic mexican food with some elders I hadn't seen in a long time. Then we tried stopping by less actives, who were oddly enough, not home. (They were the reliable ones!!!)

Friday, we attacked DTU, offering free english and Danish classes. So that was fun. Then we weekly planned, ate a pastry. Then we stopped by Karina, which was interesting. This is the girl that has come to some of the church activities. She told us about how she has visions about people and things. Then she said that she can't accept the gospel right now, because it's not the time. (She didn't even take the pamphlet we wanted to give her.) So that was interesting. But she is still a way cool lady. Like, not crazy.

Saturday was a cool day. We planned to go to Gl. Holte, where Familien Eriksen lives, to find the person that can be taught at their house. So we started off the day by each of us looking at a map, and praying to find 3 roads. When we both did that, we compared our lists, and there was one in common. So that was the road we went to. The very first door we knocked on, was a way nice family that let us come in, and was interested in the gospel. We shared with them the first lesson, and when we bore our testimonies, the mom was just like "It sounds nice to have a belief to fall back on", then she invited us over to eat on wednesday! :D so that was an awesome miracle that happened with us.

Sunday, we had church, then we went to a fireside that was at presidents house. It was a lot of fun. We just went with David, he is pretty much my bro. So we had a way good time, I ate like a kajillion snikkerdoodles. Then went home and slept like a baby.

Now I am here, typing this email. I hope that you all have a good week, and that you will have a great week full of love and joy!

Ældste Swan

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