Monday, January 27, 2014

S6:E6 "Præstedømmet? Jo tak!"

Hello everyone! I had a lovely week, even though it's still way way cold. But I'm keeping strong, eating my pastries. :D

But starting with Monday, after writing home, we went to the church and played handball for three hours with some other elders. That was way fun, I don't know why we don't play handball in the States. But after that we stopped by a potential investigator, who actually let us in because it was so cold! So we were just talking, and getting to know her and her son. Then we invited them to the "Beach Party" that was going on at the church that weekend. So that went well. We got some tea and things like that. That was a little blessing for us, and of course it was the very last thing we did that day.

Tuesday, we had a decent district meeting in the morning. Then we tried stopping by some people, with no luck at all. But that's okay, because that night, we had the ward council meeting, where they got completely pumped for missionary work, and they set the goal for a baptism to happen on the first of March... so we have a lot of work to do, and a lot of faith to show. But this is the most hyped up I have ever seen a ward with missionary work. I really hope the fire catches on and doesn't just die down. So that was way cool to see as well. We are visiting a lot of members now, and trying to get them on board the missionary train.

Wednesday we had a lot of stop bys, and one of the people we stopped by is this 93 year old woman named Rosa, and this time we stopped by and were just talking with her, and she said "some days, I just pray and pray for help, and you guys seem to show up" so that was awesome, just being able to be an answer to someone's prayers. So that was way awesome. After that we did some more stop bys. Nothing special happened. But we had a way cool eating appointment at a girl named Jennifers house. David Barrett and Elijah were there (The 2 new converts) and it was awesome, a way fun night. Consisting of my and David trying not to burn a picture because the candle was on our end of the table right under the picture. So we couldn't bump the table... But that was fun.

Thursday, cold day, started off by stopping by some old school "come backs" but none of them were positive. :( Then we worked in a town called bagsværd, stopping by lots of different people, and knocking and things. The worst thing was that I had bought a pair of gloves the day before, and I left them on a bus... so I was gloveless this whole day. But that's okay. We had some good conversations with members, and one of them actually loaned me a pair of gloves. So that was sweet. Then we talked to someone else in the ward, and he dropped this one on me, he just said "did you know, we have so many inactive members in copenhagen, that if they were active, we would have another stake here?" I was just like... :O lolwat? Are you serious? So we have a lot of work to do, that's for sure.

Friday rolls around, we weekly plan, and then we had a way good lesson with Mikkel. Mikkel is David Barretts friend, and we just so happened to teach Mikkel with David. It was so cool to see a new convert teach so powerfully. David is one of the strongest spirits I have ever met. So that was another way cool experience. After that we stopped by Rosa again, just to see how she was doing. So that was just a nice little stop by.

Saturday! This was a 'cool' day. Most of it was spent setting up for the ward Beach party, then we went home and did some language study, then we met up with that potential from earlier (Karina) and we all went to the beach party. We had a way good time there. Full of water balloon volleyball where Elder Christensen and Elder King nailed a kid in the back of the head, Leg contests, brother Paulsen exploding a whoopy coushin.  :) It was over all just a good night.

Sunday, was church, straight forward. After church David got the Priesthood which is sick!!! That was way cool to see. Then we had a fun eating appointment with a family with lots of little kids. So that was pretty exciting. I was way tired, and I didn't know why, so I didn't say a whole ton that appointment. But I still had a good time.

Now I am here. Seriously debating on eating a pastry soon, and maybe some ice cream. So I hope you have a good week.

Love you all with my chocolately, butter soaked heart!

Ældste Swan

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