Monday, January 13, 2014

S6:E4 "Family connections"

Hello everybody! I have yet again had a wonderful week. It was a good week as well. :D
Monday, consisted of making way greasy burritos, eating ice cream, me buying a way european out fit, then an awesome eating appointment with the Eriksens. So this was Søren Eriksen, the brother of Thomas Eriksen from Sønderborg. So that was way sweet to hear their stories and see how they related to eachother. It was interesting because Søren became a member of the church first, but kept it secret from his family. Then one day his wife was just like "You need to tell Thomas about the truth" So that's what they did and they invited him to a thingy where an apostle was talking, and they both really enjoyed it, then after Søren took Thomas up to meet the apostle. When they got up there and shook his hand, Thomas was like "I have a question I want to ask you" and Søren was expecting something like 'How do you know the church is true' but then Thomas busts out "What happened to Cains seed during the flood of Noah?" But the apostle must have said something good, because Thomas became a member. :D We also got a referral from them for their parents.
Tuesday rolls around, and it's zone conference. Which means we sit there and get told how to do things. This one was on talking to people on busses and trains. So that was alright. Then we got some dominoes pizza. mmmm. Then we met up with a member, Chris Perkins, to go and teach a lesson to David Barrett. (The guy getting baptized) and they went way well. Then we got a big burger with Chris and talked about video games and all that stuff because he is a fresh RM. I just want to toss in there that I got the Obama burger, and it was delicious.
Wednesday we did lots of stop bys with not a whole ton of luck. But we had an eating appointment where we ate yet again dominoes pizza! But they are a way cool family. The mom is from England but moved here 20 years ago, and they are just one of those energetic, interrogate the missionary families. Then after this we started splits with the zone leaders, and I was with Elder King.
Thursday splits was... interesting. It was the most serious splits I have been on just because we talked about the mission the whole time, and never really had those fun pillow talks about eachother. But we just tried finding some dropped investigators, some finding, some knocking, things like that. It was a lot of fun. And while waiting for a train we got talking to this muslim guy who was way nice. We got his info and sent away a referral to some other elders.
Friday was a good day filled with contacting, weekly planning, then visiting Thomas and Søren's parents. It was way awesome. We knocked on their door, and I just started a normal knock approach, then I was like "I know your sons" and they were like "no way" Come on in" so we just talked with them for a while, and they were literally the nicest people ever. Because Thomas served a mission, and they thought that it was hard on him, they gave us lots of chocolates and things like that. But the coolest thing was that we invited them to the baptism that is happening this friday, and they said that they will be coming. :D Which is awesome.
Saturday was another good day, we started off by meeting with a potential. He wasn't super positive but he invited us in, and let us say our thing, then he was like... I don't need it in my life now, but you never know. So that was... cool that he let us in and was so open to hearing who we are.  Then we tried stopping by a few people. Then we stopped by a less active who was like come on in. Her and her boyfriend were about to play some Sequence. So we ended up playing with them, and eating peanuts. It was way fun, and she came to church the next day, so even playing sequence is missionary work.
Sunday was a good day, church, getting things worked out with David. He asked me to do the confirmation on Sunday. (Sweet, ja tak) Then we went to an eating appointment with David. That was also fun and I ate until I nearly exploded. (It was orange chicken, panda express style) But all in all that was a good day. 
I hope you all had a good week. And that you have a good week. Remember who you all are, and smile! :D You never know what it will do for people.
LOVES and all of the above
Ældste Swan

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