Monday, January 6, 2014

S6:E3 "Explosions everywhere"

Hello everyone! It's that special time of week Again where I get to write a Little somethin' somethin' to you all! I hope you all have had a good week, and a good new years! Welcome to the big number of 2014... I turn 20 this year... that's how old I'm getting...
But anyways, on to the fun part of the email. We bought a jacket for Elder Christensen last P-day, then tested it out, trying to walk somewhere and visit a less active, WHO wasn't home. So that was... meh.
NEW YEARS EVE! Elder Christensen started the day off well by eating some ice cream for breakfast! (Young kids... -.-) we did lots of stop bys in the morning, with no luck. Stopping by a refferral WHO wasn't interested. But then we went to Familien Arces for New years. We watched the Queens speech, which was cool. Then we ate lot's of food, and ice cream, then we played Uno, and had a way good time. But Denmark on new years, is one of the coolest Things ever. Everyone just get's plastered and buys TONS of fireworks. So it literrally ends up being a war zone. There are just fireworks blowing up everywhere in the sky, and there isn't a second that goes by where you can't hear an explosion. It was a dream come true :D I took lot's of Pictures. I also started a new thing that I will continue forever, called "Hipster new year" because nothing says a new year like being a hipster. But after that, we had the toast to the new year, and went home and I slept like a rock.
New years day, kinda boring in comparrison. We spent the Whole day cleaning our Apartment. I think I inhaled enough Chemicals to change my dna, but other than that. Our house was all clean which is a huge Blessing. :D After cleaning all day, we tried stopping by 2 "dropped" investigators. One of them was fairly positive. The other one moved. :P All in all it was a good day.
Thursday, we worked a lot. We had district meeting in the morning. Where we talked about the similarities between apostles and missionaries. That was neat. Then we went and stopped by dropped investigators. (We got lot's of old teaching records from the zone leaders, and they all live in our area) so that was our focus for the day. And we stopped by some more of them later that day. 2 of them invited us back, which is awesome! One of them was a member and I felt way dumb for stopping by, because she opened the door and it was like... "oh no... she is a member not a referral" but I covered it up pretty well by saying that we just wanted to see how she was doing. I crashed way hard this day as well... lot's of Work makes Ældste Swan tired.
Friday we had a training meeting. All those people WHO are district leader, or zone leader got summoned to be taught how we should do Things. I learned a lot about training, and how fast the Work is progressing. We have a big job here in Europe, but we are doing it! Then I got to go to the temple, in Danish. It was way way way cool. :D Definitely an experience. So that was an awesome day for me.
Saturday, we did a lot of Work Again. Stopping by drops.We met a guy that spoke to us prophetically pretty much. He was like "I can't join a church" Then he was like "You can't enter the Lord's temple with evil thoughts!"Then he was like "Your church has the Lord's tithes, don't Waste them" It was way weird. But he spoke truths.  Those are some of the exciting Things that happen to me on a mission. Sadly he wasn't interested in joining the church, even though he pretty much said it was true. -.-
Sunday was a good day. Church with David, WHO is getting really close to his baptism. Then we tried stopping by someone, an old lady. But she didn't answer the door. :( Then we went home and ate food.
That was that. I just want to point out that this Winter, Denmark has been way warmer than Utah. So... you are allowed to be a Little jealous. :D
Love you all, and keep being awesome!
Ældste Swan

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