Monday, December 30, 2013

S6:E2 "Elders in Denmark, sang as they ate, and ate, and ate..."

Hello everybody! I hope you all had a great Christmas! Because I sure did. :D It was also nice talking to you all, and having a nice video connection so you all can laugh at my accent. Haha.
As for the run down of my week, we had a good Monday, we spent most of the day looking at coats for Elder Christensen, then when he found a coat, we found out that he can only use 80 dollars a day... so he couldn't buy it, but has been pulling out money from an atm every day since. After that we just tried stopping by Jesper Dahl and some other less actives.
Tuesday was Christmas!!!! YAY! So this was an exciting day. We had a little church service on that day, and this started at like 1. So after doing all our studies, we went out to catch a train to the service. Then I thought the trains weren't going because it was Christmas, so we decided to ride our bikes... all the way to Søborg. So we rode, and rode, and rode for 50 minutes, then we got to the church just in time for the closing song! :D It was awesome. But we say David Barrett and his Dad there! Which was sweet. So we talked to them for a little bit. Then we went over to our Christmas appointment. Where we played the one pirate dice game (Davy Jones and stuff) which was fun. We all talked like pirates. Then we ate a ton. (A ton of American candy) and stuffing, and Flæskesteg, and everything good on this earth that is edible. Then we read the christmas story in the scriptures, and actually had a way in depth conversation about the time line of... everything in the world in relationship to the scriptures. That was also fun. Then we danced and sang around the Christmas tree. (I will bring this back to the states) And we ate risalamande (Another thing the states needs) Then I got a huge tub of peanut butter because I found the almond in the risalamande. After that we went home, and lit a candle and had a nice Christmassy chat as a companionship.
Wednesday, Christmas! (American style) I woke up and opened presents!!! Thank you for everything that you sent me. I am enjoying all of it. We played the bible trivia game for our companionship study that day. After that we went caroling with the sisters in our area to some less actives, which was fun. Then we went to our Christmas day eating appointment, Where we talked, and ate some open sandwiches. Then we got to skype home... which was weird. It was a clashing of two worlds, and it almost made my mind explode. But it was also nice talking to all of you. :D Then we went home, and I passed out.
Thursday, we started off the day by having a sweet district meeting. Talking about diligence in missionary work. After that we had apartment checks so we went home and cleaned, then met the ægtepar who was going to check our apartment, and that went pretty well. (We hid everything well enough) Then we had yet another eating appointment with the Hornslets. This is a family I love, he was the first person I went on splits with and had some good conversations with. So we ate, and ate, then played some games, then ate some more.
Friday, was one of those empty days, where we went finding, but didn't really feel anything. We found a sweet kolligium, but only had time to knock one door. Then we went home from that area.
Saturday, we stopped by a way nice less active named June, and dropped off some cookies. Then we tried to stop by a way nice lady named Gertrud Jensen, who wasn't home. After that we went to another less active, with the sisters because they told her that we were good at cleaning windows. So we did some service for her, and ate some cake and drank tea and stuff. Then we stopped by David Barrett. To give him some strength to never give up, and we also talked about the baptismal program, and how it will go down. All in all it was a way good day.
Sunday, we went to church, David and his friend Mikkel were there. We had 9 guests in church overall that day! Our district is on fire. So we had a way good guest class on the plan of salvation. We think that Mikkel is awesome, and he is interested in coming back again and also hearing more about the church. Then we tried setting up some appointments with members, then went home. :)
Now I'm here, and doing well. I hope you all have a good new year!
Ældste Swan

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