Monday, December 23, 2013

S6:E1 "A new baby, +20 pounds"

Hello everyone! So I'm not sure how long this email will be because I am watching poems, and we will be talking in 2 days, but I can say a little about my week.
Monday was good, we wrote home, then we went and hung out at a big mall, because Elder Petersen was going home, and transfers were happening. So we just walked around and talked for the day. After that we ate some dinner, and went searching for a less active to talk to, with no luck.
Tuesday, we had district meeting. Which was fun. This last district felt more like a family than a district. So I decided we would just kinda do a testimony meeting. It went well, although it was sad to say bye to some of the people. After that we went finding, then we had an eating appointment, where we ate dominoes pizza and ben and jerry's! :D How awesome is that??? Then we went to a little ward coordination meeting.
Wednesday I said bye to my icelandic friend, but he was quickly replaced by a new kid. His name is Elder Christensen, from Orem, Utah. (Crazy am I right?) So we went through the little orientation meetings, then got SOME MORE DOMINOES!!! I ate like a kajillion pieces again. Then we headed out to our area. Where we started off by stopping by a less active named Jesper Dahl, and we talked for a while. (or I talked, and he tried to stay awake) Then we ate some dinner, then went knocking for an hour or so. He knocked his first door, the first day he was here. :D Because that's what jerk trainers do...
Thursday,  we spent most of the day in the police station. Just because they had to get my fingerprints so I could stay in the land a little longer. So that took a really long time because our train got stuck in a place for an hour. But on the train we talked to a nice lady, who sadly wasn't interested in the church, but offered us over to her house for a cup of coffee. :3 Then after that we went caroling for like 30 minutes, which was a fun experience. Our caroling involves a christmas card from a friend (A member) but on this particular one, they rejected caroling, AND the card from her friend. So that was exciting. Then we had another eating appointment, which was a danish christmas.
Friday, we go to the commune to check in Elder Christensen to the land. So that took our morning. Then we weekly planned. Then we went to yet another eating appointment. And it was Danish Christmas again. But this time, it was the best food I have had in Denmark thus far. So I ate a whole ton of food. Then we went home and slept.

Saturday we had choir practice in the morning, then as a district we went to a busy walking road and started singing while 2 elders were giving out Book of Mormons, wrapped as presents. So that was a lot of fun. Then we ate a nummy sandwich. After that we stopped by a half deaf less active, where I finally got the point across that we weren't Jehovas Witnesses. So we had a nice chat, and took a huge step forward with her. Then we had yet another eating appointment, where it was flæskesteg sandwichs. I ate a lot of those too. Then we stopped by some random chick we knocked into and invited her to the concert that was happening the next day.
Sunday rolls around, David shows up to church and he has his family with him. :D So that was sweet to get to meet them and teach them a little bit about the church. We had a way good lesson in guest class on prayer, and I definitely could feel the spirit there. Then we had the concert that night, and it was awesome because all of David's family was there, as well as that random chick from the night before. So we sang, then ate some refreshments, then got home and slept.
Now we are here!
Just so you all know, I will be calling from skype on the 25th, around noon. (Thats noon for you guys, 8pm for me) I hope that works out for you all.
Love you!
Ældste Swan

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