Monday, December 16, 2013

S5:E6 "Lights, a baby, and Christmas!!!"

Hey everyone, I hope you are all doing well. I'm doing great over here in the land of vikings! We had quite the exciting week, so I will share some bits with you all.
Monday, I sent home a Christmas package, so that should be arriving sometime soon. (hopefully) Then we went caroling. We started off our splits that night as well. I went on splits with Elder Pitts, and it was his birthday, so we celebrated by eating some Æbleskiver, lighting sparklers, and talking. It was fun.
Tuesday rolls around, and we Work way hard. We spent most of the day just finding, but we found quite a few nice people through bonking on doors. After that we tried stopping by some members, and less actives, but no one was home. :P and to close it all off, we had an eating appointment, which was a lot of fun, and we shared a good message about the power of prayer, and that we all need to pray for the same goal.
Wednesday was Tivoli!!! :D We started off the day by having a district meeting, then eating some asian food that I made for the district. Then we headed Down to Tivoli for a day full of adventures. Sadly I was lame and didn't get the all rides pass. So I was just walking around taking Pictures and talking to two other missionaries. But I plan to go back Again and ride the rides. (I hope anyways) Tivoli was way pretty. It was so Christmassy, there were lights everywhere, and it was just a happy place. I have put a ton of Pictures on a drop box, you can... some how deal them out. There was a way awesome light show that we saw at tivoli too. But that was pretty much our Whole day, just stalking santa, and seeing deers and Things. We also found out transfers this day, big surprise!!! I'm training! Yet Again!! Always training :D
Thursday we went to the hospital so my companion could get some blood tested Again. then we ate some lunch and tried stopping by some people in Søborg, but no one was happy to see us or home. So we started street contacting, and didn't have a super positive experience, but we talked to some nice people. We finished the day off with an eating appointment with our bishop, which was fun.
Friday, we had weekly planning, and caroling. So we sang a lot, and that was a lot of fun. We had a way awkward visit because the sisters wouldn't commit to it, so I ended up having to take over... I don't like when that happens haha.
Saturday was a good day. We started off in the morning inviting lots of people to the Christmas concert we will be having at the church, so that went well. Then we went to holt and found a less active WHO wasn't interested in coming back. :( Then we walked in Copenhagen a Whole ton trying to stop by potentials. We also partied it up with Elder Petersen WHO is going home soon, and a recent convert named Elijah. That was fun.
Sunday, church day. David Barrett was there of course. He hasn't smoked in 2 weeks, and he told us that he is getting baptized in January. So we are excited for that. :D Church went well, and right after church, all of the missionaries had an eating appointment, which was a lot of fun. Eating lot's of mashed potatoes and beef. Then our bus didn't come for 40 minutes, so we got home way late.
And now I'm here :D as for calling NeXT week, plan on the morning of the 25th, I'm not sure when, because I haven't found a place to do it. It will be via Skype though.
Love you all, have a great week.
Ældste Swan

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