Monday, December 2, 2013

S5:E4 "Legends of the Satan Worshipping Priest"

Hello Again! Happy December everyone! It's finally that time of year and I bought a Kinder Christmas Calander to celebrate it. But I had a pretty good week. Although, I've been feeling weird recently. :3 I think because of the change, and transfers, I lost part of my soul, and I don't feel at home here. But I'm working on it, love and prayers are appreciated though!
So Monday, our eating appointment bailed so I made, and ate a Whole ton of cookies to cheer me up. So our back up plan was going out and finding. So that just meant knocking on some doors which was... alright.
Tuesday was a good day. It felt like it was the first day of actually working here in my new area. We started off the day by stopping by a less active. WHO wasn't ready for the day, so we couldn't talk to her. Then we went finding Again, and I had another experience where an older teenager opens the door, and we start talking to her. Then right before giving her a book of Mormon and all that, her mom gets off the phone and says that they aren't interested. -.- I hate it... the teenagers believe in God and their parents are what kills there faith. It make me sad everytime it happens. Then we stopped by David Barrett, this is the guy WHO had a baptismal date when I came here. He has such a strong testimony of the book of Mormon, and of the church. The only thing that's holding him back is smoking and drinking. So that appointment we just talked about what the gospel can do for us, and has done for us. It was one of the test the Water lessons for me. After that we had an eating appointment. It was Danish Christmas food! :D Way good. Lot's of potatoes, pig, and sauce. It can't get any better than Flæskesteg and Brown potatoes.
Wednesday we had district meeting, where we decided that for december we are going to go around caroling to people. So that's something I'm way excited for. A part of that was giving out some Joy to the World dvd's so me and Elder Gudnason went to the office to pick those up. then we ate a kebab and tried to stop by some less actives.
Thursday we went to the Hospital so my companion could get an IV for 2 and a half hours for his Chrons disease. So that consisted of me drawing some Things, writing some Things, and taking a nap. But then the nurse was way nice and gave us roll Things.  Then, once Again our eating appointment bailed, so we spent the rest of the night finding, with no luck.
Friday, a relaxed day where in the morning we stopped by some members. Then we went and helped this potential move in to his Apartment. Sadly the potential left half way through it, but his friend was still there and we talked with him for a long time. He had a way strong testimony about Christ because of this preacher he once heard WHO used to worship satan and then had a change of Heart. (That's the super shortened version) But he was willing, and wanting to share the message of Jesus to everyone that he meets. He was actually a way good example for what a missionary should be.
Saturday we knocked and actually found someone positive! He was just like, "I'm going to Work right now, but you should definitely come back a different day" and that was the first come back, the first positive thing we have found during finding. Then we went caroling to members, to show them what we are doing, (Living Christmas Card) so we could visit there friends for them. Then we met a way cool less active named Jesper Dahl.
Sunday, Jesper Dahl felt well enough to come to church! And David Barrett was there! So we went with David to the guest class and he said that now is the time to stop smoking. So Elder Gudnason gave him a Blessing, and you could see a physical change in David. It was such a spiritual experience. He said that he is done, and all of his cigarettes are gone now. :D Then we had a sweet fireside at presidents house that night, where I played a saxaphone and found out I was pretty bad now.
But that was my week, it was pretty good. :D I hope you all have had a good week, and email/write me plz. I like love!
Love you all!
Ældste Swan

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