Monday, November 25, 2013

S5:E3 "Illnesses, and surprises!"

Hey everyone! Sadly this email will be kept pretty short because... we didn't do a whole ton this week. But I'm still doing well. Nothing wrong with me!
Monday was alright. We went into the city, after emailing and buying food to check out a church there. But it was closed right when we got there... after that we had an awesome dinner appointment which consisted of 6 missionaries and one family. It was... different from what I am use to. But still a lot of fun. After that we started splits. I went with Elder Petersen, a kid from Idaho who is going home in a couple weeks. So we had some really good conversations about plans after the mission.
Tuesday morning, we eat some Petersen eggs. Which is Rugbrød with spicy mustard on it, then a piece of ham, then a fried egg. It is suprisingly good. After that we had district meeting... that I had to teach and lead. That was fun. We talked about the differences between love and charity, and what both of those words mean. After district meeting, we ate some lunch as a district, then me and Elder Petersen went out and got a referral from the office, then we gave the guy a book of mormon like he wanted. On our way back from doing that, elder Petersen wasn't feeling well... so we went back to his apartment and he just laid there and we talked a little.
Wednesday we spent the day stopping by two potentials investigators. One of which moved, the other one wasn't too interested. Then we tried stopping by some less active members to no luck. And to close the day off, my companion was feeling sick, so we went home early.
Thursday, we were stuck inside all day because of illness. Until night time, then we went to choir practice. Which was fun. One of the members rage quit because he felt that the choir director was blaming all of the mistakes on him.
Friday, we made some cookies and gave them away. We talked with a 92 year old woman, who has lived in the same house all of her life. :o she told us about when she became a member a long long time ago, which was cool to hear about Denmark way back when. For the most part we were just trying to stop by some less actives.
Saturday, trapped inside again, this time it was all day. I wrote some letters, drew some random things, studied my scriptures, thought about life, and all of that fun stuff.
Sunday was a good day. We went to the church and had choir practice, then we had the normal church services, with our investigator named David Barrett there! After church, there was a little ward eating thing, then we had choir practice again right before the concert. Then the concert happened. Which went really well. David Barrett came to that as well. Right after the concert is when I ran into Sister Robertson, a member from my home ward. It was a big surprise, and it took me a long time to realize who it was. But we ended up talking for awhile about the home ward, and people back home and how everything is going. It was a nice random encounter.
That was my short, fairly uneventful but still fun week. I hope you all had a great week, and have a great week.
Ældste Swan

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