Monday, November 4, 2013

S4:E12 "Far far away, to the suburbs"

Hello everyone!!! I hope you all have had a fantastic week. Here in Denmark has been really Cold, and really stormy, but still really good. We got some big news this past week about transfers. We found out that I am going to Copenhagen, the suburbs of Copenhagen none the less, as district leader, and training some goober from Iceland. So I am excited for that, but it will be way different. I'm leaving my nice small farm town of Sønderborg and going to one of the richest parts of Denmark. That's the big news of the week, so I am making a long move this wednesday and my address will be changing. As for my week:
Monday was a good day, we had the elders in our district Down here just to have fun together. But it was super duper stormy. It was actually the biggest storm that Denmark has ever had. (At least the windiest) We were just walking Down the gågade almost getting blown over and getting hit by leaves in the Wind that felt like razer blades because of how fast the Wind was. But it was all for experiences sake! :D We also played on a playground and got super Dizzy, which was fun. Then we went to Familien Kuntz and ate dinner with them, and sadly said good bye to them. I love that Family so much. Also, the trains weren't running because of the storm, so Esbjerg elders were stuck with us for that night.
Tuesday, we finally got the other elders out of our Apartment! Then we cleaned for 2 hours because we had Apartment checks. After cleaning we went up with Andrea to teach Andrea's cousin. That went really well, although she lives really far away. We just went over the basics points of what we believe, the first lesson. She said that she just believes that everything is one, and if it gives you hope, then it is good and true. So that was an interesting perspective to hear. After that we drove home and gave Kenneth a tour of the church, and just talked about how the services run Down. He was just bashing the Danish Folk Church the Whole time, and was supporting the Things we did. After the tour we read a Little bit in the book of mormon and he was super interested to see what it was all about. After that we watched some of the "Hastening the Work of salvation" broadcast with Andrea, and ate some lemon cake.
Wednesday, this was the day we got the transfer call, so I was quite sad the Whole day. But we stopped by Eileen and shared a lesson with her about why we have church, and what it does for us. After Eileen we took our last Tønder trip to visit Emil. Like usual it was awesome and we ate a lot of good food. Then I just told them thanks for everything that they have done for me. The Ward became like my Family here.
Thursday came around and that was a district activity! Our district came Down to our turf for Halloween, and the plan was for them to take a bus to a place called Åbenrå, but sadly, the tickets didn't Work, so we ended up cramming everyone into our small car. (Including one in the trunk) Once we got to the magical town of Åbenrå we played some football on the Beach even though it was really Cold, then we walked around the town and just gazed and it's beauty. After that special moment we went to the same chinese resturaunt that we ate at last week and got some food. We played some basketball, talked a lot about our pasts, then drove home and got some icecream before they had to take off. It was also my last time seeing them, so that was a sad moment to say bye to them... but oh well, that's how it goes. After they left we went up to Peters to visit him. He is finally done with Kemo which is good, but he is still sad because of his wifes death. It was a super sad meeting just because we were sad that I was leaving. After that we went over to Rubitas, WHO is an 18 year old girl, WHO was just stressed because of guy drama, so we ended up talking with her about highschool drama the rest of the night. Which was... fun.
Friday, I didn't write anything in my journal so I will try to remember what we did. I packed a Little bit, then we stopped by Maria and heard her Little rant about how we need to set our own limits so we can improve. We also stopped by Tom and that was the last time for me cleaning his house! Umm... we had another appointment but I can't remember that right now.
Saturday was a good day, we made our Little weekly newsletter, then we weekly planned, then we had dinner with Familien Steen. We read with them and talked about their testimonies. Anders said that he is 80% sure that the Book of Mormon is true. Then we brought up that the last step is to pray about it. I love that Family so much. We said goodbye, hugged it out, dropped a few tears, then we went home.
Sunday, last day in church, said thank you to the Ward for everything they have taught me, and also had to say bye to most of them. After that I packed some more, then said bye to Maria, went up to Nordborg to return a book to John Sundahl, then we had an eating appointment with Familien Cullingford. That was a really fun time, just chatting and playing some Cards with the Family. Then we said bye to them. And now we are here! :D
So that was my super lame run Down of my week. I hope you all enjoyed it, and be constructive with your feedback, please. :)
Much love for you all,
Ældste Swan


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