Monday, November 11, 2013

S5:E1 "Transfers, hospital, and turtles"

Hello everyone! I hope you all have had an exciting week like I have. Transfers went decently. I eventually made it to Virum, which is the North part of Copenhagen, where all the rich suburbs are. So I guess I will start of talking about my companion then I will go through my week.
My companion is Elder Gudnerson, from Iceland. He is coming up on 19 soon. He played a lot of video games. (Skyrim) He has always been a member, he has actually lived in Denmark for 4 years of his life. So he knows about half of the members that we see, and almost everyone knows his dad. He is a quiet kid, that enjoyed that sanctuary of his computer. He was born in Germany, then moved to Denmark when he was 11 or so, then moved to iceland. He is really smart, and really funny. (In a European way)
But anyways, onto the week:
Monday, it was my last p-day in Sønderborg, so we bought some stuff, and stopped by some people to say bye to them. Then we closed the day off with an eating appointment with Familien Eriksen. That was a lot of fun. We took the last Picture of "The LDS assassination squad" which is a little sad, but that's okay. After that it was my last time stopping by Tai, my lovely nerdy friend in Sønderborg. I will miss all of them, such a great area down there.
Tuesday rolls around, and this is train ride day. We stop by Andrea, the girl that was baptized to say goodbye and give her some of the death brownies I made. That was sad, but we will definitely stay in contact. Then we saw our mission leader one last time. We ate some rolls with Tom, and said goodbye and talked about the future, and coming back to visit and all of that. Then we were off, and a 4 hour train ride. When we got into Copenhagen we ended up eating at Hardrock café,which was awesome. AMERICA!!! Then we spent the night with some other elders in Copenhagen.
Wednesday, I say goodbye to my son, Elder Holbrook leaves me to go and get my grandson. Then I head up to Virum which took 2 hours because we got lost driving up there. I meet my new companion, say goodbye to his companion because he was going home. Then we had a missionary meeting with the ward, so we saw some of the priesthood leadership, and got to meet them.
Thursday was an alright day, because we were literally left with nothing to work with when I got here, we spent all day trying to find some less actives. Sadly none of them answered. But our day was still fun because I had an awkward encounter with a girl on a bike, who ended up laughing at me :( and elder Gudnerson got the bus doors closed on him.
Friday, was the same as Thursday, tried finding less actives, and they were all sick, busy, or not home. We knocked a little just because I started to realize that we have nothing to work with... nothing too exciting, although I saw the nerd shop here! It has all the comics and card games you could ever want, I am excited to go there.
Saturday we had something different!!! We woke up and played some soccer with the ward in a gym. That was a lot of fun. Although I was wearing these super wimpy shoes that just felt like cardboard and gave no support, so right now my shins feel like jelly because of shin splints. After playing soccer with the 3 sisters and the ward we went home, I tried to fix up the terrible blister on my toe. Ate some lunch and showered, then went to the church for choir practice. We practiced, then got some dinner, then Elder Gudnerson was supposed to play piano for the bishop and his family. (Accompany) So he wanted to practice a little bit. So after the practice and everything we went into stake conference. Elder Gudnerson said that he had a really bad headache, and I kept asking if I could do something, he finally stands up and goes out side and he says it's hard to breath, and he ended up hyperventilating. So I went back into the chapel where the bishop and his family was sitting at the microphone, and I just told them that my companion was sick. Then I got the mission president and we went to the hospital, because my companion wasn't doing well at all... So we get to the hospital, this super nice nurse calms him down, puts the back on his face and everything. Then we sat there for a long time while he got over the feeling of shock, and after getting home at 11:30, I made him take some ibuprofen and then we slept.
Sunday, he was feeling a lot better, but we still had a chill day just to not risk him dying or anything. It was still stake conference, so we went to that, and sung in the choir, which was a lot of fun. After stake conference we got to see a ton of people. I got to see lot's of missionaries that I haven't seen since the MTC which was cool. After that we had studies\me taking control of this area and trying to figure it out. Then we had the fun choir practice. They were singing in English :D and it was just our ward. So we had a way good time with that, then for refreshments for it, they brought some brownies and things, but the kicker was a box of 45 chocolate turtles. I ate at least 4 of them, and I was very happy. :) We also ate dinner with the sisters, and they pointed out that elder Gudnerson kept using the word hyperventilate, and joking about that. (sisters -.-)
But now I am here. Still alive, still going strong. Looking forward to Christmas, and livening Virum up, because it is dead. Thank you for your prayers and everything. I miss you all and hope you have a great week!
Ældste Swan

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