Monday, November 18, 2013

S5:E2 "Shoe shopping"

Hello everyone! It's that time of week Again! By some miracle I am still alive, and willing to write to you all today!
So the area here is getting better. I'm slowly getting a handle of how the Work should go, and how the companionship will Work, as well as the district. I'm still having fun with my companion, but the Work is quite... tedious right now. But it will only get better. We had quite the exciting week, so without further introduction:
Monday, we wrote home, then we worked because we had the zone thanksgiving dinner later that week. So we wrote home, finally got a vacuum cleaner!!! Which is a huge bonus, I enjoy a clean Apartment every once in a while. Then we went and tried finding some less actives. Sadly we didn't have a Whole ton of luck on Monday. We also ate dinner with the Sister missionaries in our district. (By my companions request) which was fun, but they just asked him lot's of questions about eating horse over in iceland.
Tuesday was fun. We started off the day by playing football as a zone, in some freezing Cold weather. (Standard turkey bowl, am I right?) after that we had a good Little zone conference, and our zone leaders gave an uplifting lesson. Then we ate, and ate, and ate. It was nice to eat some stuffing, it felt very American, and took me back to the good old days of 'freedom'! Right after the dinner fest, there was a talent show, but sadly, I don't have any talents so I didn't do anything... maybe NeXT year I will end up doing something. After the zone activity we had a lesson with Jonas and Shi Xin. Jonas is a member, but has been less active for quite some time, and Shi Xin is his non-member girlfriend. This lesson was bad because we didn't really have anything prepared, because I have never met them, and my companion didn't have a Whole ton to say. So the member that we brought with us ended up taking over the lesson, which ended up being really good. But it made me feel bad because I couldn't help out a Whole ton. But he is an awesome member, and it made me see that I was in a really good Ward.
Wednesday, we started off by knocking some doors, then stopping by an old lady in our Ward, WHO gave us hot coco and sweets. :) It was a way nice break from the Cold, she also has a super strong testimony and has been a member for a very long time here in Denmark. After that we went looking for less actives Again, and trying to get in touch with them. We found one really positive older lady, that told us to come back, but that she was sick so it will have to be NeXT week. So we are definitely following up on that.
Thursday, I bought some shoes, and a measuring cup, and some other Things that I/we needed in the Apartment. Sadly we are still missing a lot of Things in the Apartment, and I don't have the MSF right now to buy everything for it. So hopefully NeXT month it will be all completed. But after buying some shoes, we had splits with 2 members. It was awesome! I went out with a Thomas, a very strong member. We had really good discussions in the car to appointments. We also had some very good appointments with members. (Home teaching) He seems like one of the members that I can just turn to whenever I think help with something. 
Friday was not a productive day. So in the morning we went to the office to pick up some Things for our Apartment, then we ate lunch with the sisters, which ended up with a super grumpy neighbor of theirs yelling at us. Then we went to our Apartment, to find that we didn't have the keys anymore... So we went back to the office to get the spare keys, after getting those we go back to our Apartment, and go right inside the door to the opgang, to see the keys on the bulliten board. So we go Upstairs and drop off the stuff, then we go and talk to a less active, WHO says that he has a problem with the history of the church, and that we can't do anything to help him. Then we went home and weekly planned. Although, the best part of the day was the delicious cinnamon rolls I made that night. It was the first time I felt that they actually turned out well. So that was a Blessing. :D
Saturday, we played some soccer! I even had shoes for it this time so my toes didn't just die! That was a lot of fun. After soccer we went home and showered, ate some food, then went out and delivered some cinnamon rolls to some members. Sadly, none of them were home, so we left them on the doorstep. Later that night we had a really good lesson with Jonas and Shi Xin. It was more of a hang out session than a lesson. My companion was teaching Shi Xin German, while I talked to Jonas about what he believes in, and what he wants in life. I felt that it went really well, especially compared to the last appointment we had with them.
Sunday was the Primary program in church! Which is always enjoyable. But what made it even better was the Jo, a less active showed up, with his non-member wife, all because their daughter wanted to be in the primary program! (Kid doing missionary Work!) After the program I talked to Jo and he said that he really wants to come back into the church, and we need to help him read every night and all of that. So for my first time meeting him, he seems way promising. Then after church we had a missionary meeting, where we just told the Ward mission leader about our investigators. Then we stopped by a less active, WHO turned out to not even be a member which was super awkward for us. But I'm glad we got it figured out.
Now I am here! Still going strong (Enough) I hope you all have a great week!
Ældste Swan

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