Monday, October 28, 2013

S4:E11 "Chinese explosion"

Hello everyone! It's that time of week Again! EMAIL TIME! I hope you are prepared for this, because I am.
Monday!!!!! Wasn't that special, we spent most of our time putting up some blinds and talking about past girl drama with one of our investigators. But we did give a good lesson about why it's important to pray and read the scriptures, Then we tried to stop by Yaseens house, but sadly he wasn't home so... we ended up trying to find him because he had no phone, but sadly it didn't Work.
Tuesday, we finally were able to meet with a referral we got. Her name is Margit, and it was a good lesson. She is this super nice older lady WHO has travelled pretty much everywhere! We talked about religion and talked about why we have the book of mormon, and why we have a church on the earth instead of just worshipping by ourselves. After this we went ate a chinese buffet. We both ate 4 plates of food and then 2 bowls of icecream. It was nummy, but afterwards we walked to the car and Elder Holbrook wasn't feeling too well. (Neither was I, but that's not important) So Elder Holbrook went off on his own and tried to get himself together, and while he was doing that I found some cats!!!! There were 5 stray kittens that I just got to love and pet! But after Elder Holbrook puked, we went on our way and stopped by a potential named Jette, and finally made an appointment with her. But get this, she also had kittens, and I got to pet those as well. Then we had a good lesson with Kenneth. Lot's of cigarette smoke, but we talked about the book of mormon, and why we read it. Good day.
Wednesday, we went up and worked on setting up the blinds Again, and had a really good lesson about church and everything. (I can't really remember) Then we stopped by Inge-lise WHO is this less active member, and she was feeling sick so sadly we couldn't see her. Then we went to an eating appointment with Familien Cullingford. Sadly... they bailed and Quinten forgot to tell us. But his wife is super nice and gave us some dinner anyways. So we ate that, then we stopped by some college kids, did the usual chat about video games, then set up an appointment with them.
Thursday, we had district meeting, then we had splits. Me and this sick kid named Elder Hansen did 6 hours of service at their church! We were just helping a member take care of the grounds and everything. We had a lovely chat about past relationships and games and all of those fun past Things! After that we at some pizza, then some waffles with ice cream on it.
Friday, traveling home, but our train got cancelled. So we were just hobo mode at a train station. We had our blankets over us because it was freezing, and we just stared at everyone that passed us. We had an appointment, but we didn't have time to change into our missionary clothes, so we planned on just going up there and telling her that we won't be able to make it. But she invited us in, even though we were all stinky and stuff. Then she unloaded on us. We heard her life story, and it sounded a lot like a horror film. An ex husband that just went crazy on her. So that was exciting. After that we had a sweet lesson with the Steens, where we read a chapter in the book of mormon with them. The thing is, Anders read it before our appointment! So it's getting to them, and they are enjoying reading it!
Saturday we met with Andrea Again to fill out some paperwork for her baptism, after that we had a really good lesson with Yaseen, and ate some food with him. It was a chill day because of weekly planning. Andrea is so cool, she told us that she wouldn't be a member of a church if it didn't mean doing something. So she is already a super active member of the church and willing to help out in any way possible.
Sunday, It was a good day at church, I talked with some of the members about transfers... because we think that I will be leaving Sønderborg. It was sad to talk about it, this is my home, this is where I learned everything, and I love the people. I think it's sad because I'm not sure if I will be coming back any time soon. :P But tranfer calls come on wednesday, so NeXT week I will let you all now what is going on. After church, we went up and stopped by a less active named John, WHO sadly is upset because he doesn't have a calling. So he doesn't want to come to church even though he has a super strong testimony. Then we had a lesson with Ernzt, WHO read 200 pages in the book of mormon! It was a great surprise. We taught him about prayer, and how to recieve the answer because he asked us about it. After that we ate with Tom, and had our Little missionary meeting.
Now I am here, with Esbjerg elders by my side because they wanted to spend pday with us. So I hope you all have a good week. Love you all!
Ældste Swan

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