Monday, October 7, 2013

S4:E08 "How is Work going in 'textiles'."

Hello all! The weeks just seem to fly by. I swear I was here writing you all a couple days ago. Everything is going well in Denmark, although in the newspaper it said that the sun comes up at 7:40 and sets at 6:30... so the day is definitely getting shorter, and darker... and colder. But that's not a problem when you have a scarf! (Man mode!)
Anyways, on to the weekly report:
Monday, after writing to you, we went shopping. I FINALLY found the famous cereal. It's called nougat bits. Its chocalate pillows, with a chocolate creme filling. They are super duper dense, and taste like Rainbows! (That's how good they are) They reminded me a Little bit of the cereal Matt sent home from Russia, but these are a lot more dense. So that made my monday pretty good, After eating some of those, we stopped by Christian (American investigator) and read a chapter from the book of mormon with him. Then we drove out to Tønder which is an hour road trip there. We stopped by a less active WHO lives out there named Jessy Witt (the only reason she is less active is because it is so far away) Then we have an awesome Family out there as well named the Nielsens. So after Jessy, we stopped by Emil Nielsen, whose wife wasn't home, so our dinner consisted of hotdogs, and ice cream (Sounds like the first time I was there) But once Again, it was absolutely fantastic. We talked to him and his kids about Christ, and why he is so important so us in our lives. 
Tuesday, we started the day off by taking the rest of our p day, by going to the mall that opened that day. :D I ended up spending a lot of Money... but I bought a darn nice suit! As well as some slacks! And some shoes because I lost one of mine on a train. :( The suit was 65% cheaper, and it was a nice European suit, so I couldn't resist. After that shopping spree, we stopped by John Sundahl, WHO is pretty much our Grandpa here in Sønderborg. We talked with him for a while, just about how it's going. Then we had the class that night, (Grundlæggende principper af Mormoner) the one we have every week, and 2 people showed up Again! It was Andrea, the girl that is going to get baptized, and none other than John Sundahl, the less active! It was so awesome to see John get out of his house and actually do something. He also has a really strong testimony on prayer, which is what we talked about. It was actually a really good lesson. We compared it to an iceberg, and the only way to get under the Water and see the bigger Picture is through prayer. (Like Joseph Smith) after the class we ate some cookies with them, then tried to get John to sing Elvis for us, but sadly, he didn't.
Wednesday, We stopped by Karen, WHO is this old member in the branch. She was born with this problem in her eyes where she is pretty much blind. She can only see a tiny dot right in front of her, so she has no peripheral vision. But she had translated all of the Book of Mormon, and Pearl of great Price, into brail! It fills up 2 rows on a book shelf of 3 ring binders. It is absolutely amazing! She also has a super strong testimony of the gospel, and also on temple Work! After that we served Tom and helped him clean his house. Then we had a good lesson with Andrea, we talked about her baptismal program and kind of how it will run Down. Andrea is so awesome, she has such a strong testimony already. She listens to hymns every night, reads every night, loves church, comes to our class every Tuesday. It is also crazy for us to see the change that she has experienced in her life since she has found the gospel. After that lesson with Andrea, we had an awesome lesson with Anders Steen, where we talked about reading the Book of Mormon. But it was more of a we are on the same level as you, we want to read the book of mormon with you and talk about it, kind of like a book Club. He was excited about this, and really enjoyed reading a chapter with us. Anders also told us that he still is planning on getting baptized eventually. Familien Steen is so cool, they really will make strong members, and I can't wait to see them make the first step! To close up the night, we went up to Yaseens where he made us "Authentic Chinese fried rice" Which ended up like super American fried rice in a Soup thing. But it tasted really good. 
Thursday, weekly planning. Then we had an awesome chat with Tai's girlfriend, Julia. Where we just talked about thinking in the big Picture. That we are here to learn and grow, and that there is a life after this one where we continue to learn and grow. After that we said goodbye to Amalie, because she is moving to Odense. We had a really good lesson with her and Rubita. We just shared our favorite scriptures, then talked about how much reading scriptures has helped us in our lives.
Friday, District meeting, twas fun to meet the new missionary, and our new district leader, Elder Hansen. I also found out that another one of the goobers at my schooled arrived. Ridge Durrant is being trained by my grandfather, Elder Larsen.  Which is sweet. But after district meeting we stopped by Tai to see how he is doing. Then we went up to Familien Kuntz, where we had an awesome dinner with Andrea there. Afterwards we shared our baptism experiences and it was a really awesome lesson. We also had a good time with Tobias Kuntz, the 13 year old. Talked to him about videogames and all that fun stuff.
Saturday was a very relaxed day. We woke up, made the weekly newsletter. Ate some pasta for lunch. After that we had another lesson with Andrea, where we talked about how to pay tithing, as well as addressing concerns and going over the baptismal interview. After that we stopped by some people, then headed up to John Sundahls to Watch conference! It was sooooo awesome! If any of you missed it, I highly encourage watching it! (this was live for us, 8 pm)
Sunday comes around, the first thing we did was head to the church, make some crepes, then Watch the saturday night session of conference while eating some breakfast. After that we had an appointment with our branch president, Quinten, and Andrea. We had a nice brunch with them, then shared a lesson on conference and how important it is. After this we stopped by Christian, WHO sadly said he wasn't interested anymore. So we went back to the church and watched the priesthood session. Then we went up to Ernzt, WHO is doing well! For being over 90 he read 8 chapters in the book of mormon. So we had a good lesson with him. His concern was that the bible isn't translated correctly, and also that he isn't sure if the book of mormon is translated correctly to Danish. :P But after that lesson we went back over to Johns and saw the Sunday morning session! It was a really good week, and I hope you all saw conference!
Thank you for the love and prayers! I hope everything is going well! Remember to keep the faith, and that which is shared, is kept!
Ældste Swan

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