Monday, September 30, 2013

S4:E07 "A new piano"

Hi everyone! Another week has come and gone! I hope it has treated you all well! This weeks email won't be exceptionally exciting, but I hope you can still find some joy in it. As of right now I am sitting in the library with the smell of B.O. seeping over from the guy NeXT to me playing facebook games.
Last monday for p day we stopped by a Whole ton a genbrugs, which is pretty much thriftshops or second hand stores. That was fun, although sadly I didn't find anything, but my companion found some good finds. Then we tried to stop by some people, WHO sadly were not home.
Tuesday, I went to Copenhagen!!! I had to take this language test so I can stay in the country when my permit runs out. So Elder Eisert, Elder Walch and I set off to Copenhagen. When we got there we at some mcdonalds, then we took another train to where the testing place was. But inbetween the train station and the testing center we had to follow directions for 2 Blocks. Of course we went the wrong way. I ended up having to ask someone where the road was we were looking for. Naturally it was the opposite way we were going. But after FINALLY getting to the testing center, we got all checked in and took the test. The test wasn't hard at all. Most of it was language, which was easy, but the last section was land history... which I probably failed hard core. After that we went back to Copenhagen, where this sweet Black guy came up to us and started talking to us about religion. He was a legit Muslim that actually lived it! So we actually ended up giving him a book of mormon, and he wanted me to write a note in the front of the book. Sadly we didn't have time because our train was leaving soon. After that we went to Odense where we spent the night with Grandpa Stewie (Elder Larsen) and we went to Bull Again where we saw Martin.
Wednesday, we took a train home, ate some lunch, then taught a lesson to Andrea, the girl that was prepared to be baptised before we even met her. That went really well. Then we had a sweet eating apointment with Familien Thorngreen, which is pretty much the funniest Family ever. They gave us some really good ice cream with raspberry sauce.
Thursday we took another train to Horsens, for a zone training. Which took all day. I learned a lot about how I should train, and how I could be a better missionary in general from president Sederholm.
Friday, we got super excited about the mall that is opening on Tuesday here. We are planning on checking it out, even though it is expected to have a Whole ton of people there. After that we celebrated a less actives birthday, and we were there for way too long. Although we made them some frikadellers and mashed potatoes. It wasn't bad. After that we had an eating apointment with the Steens, which was awesome. It was some really good Danish food. But the lesson afterwards that we shared with them was what was special. We took a different approach this time, where we just talked about how much we care for them. As well as how much the Ward here cares for them. Then we talked about how that is the only reason we invite them to read in the book of mormon, because we have felt the Blessings of what it can give, and we want to share it with everyone. MaryAnne during the lesson leaned over to Anders and said >>Wow, they are actually being nice today<< But it was an awesome lesson.
Saturday, we got a piano from our branch president. So know we have this old, out of tune piano in our Apartment, which is super awesome! Then we got to eat some breakfast with him and his Family. After that we had an awesome lesson with Amalie, where we taught her like we taught the steens. We talked about how much we cared for her, and that she really is a friend of ours, and that is why we invite her to read from the book of Mormon. It actually turns out that she is moving to Odense, which is the same place Elder Hawkes (My last companion) Is getting moved to. It's crazy because Elder Hawkes spent a Whole ton of time teaching Amalie, and they were close friends.  Then we stopped by Tais, and we ate some pancakes with Tai and Julia, his girlfriend. They are the cutest couple ever, they just play video games all day! :D After eating pancakes we went up to Yaseens and he made us dinner as well. Then we shared a really good message about what the gospel can give us if we live it and take the time and sacrafice to live it.
Sunday was awesome. We actually had to give a talk in church, which went pretty well. But after church we had a Little branch brunch. There were a Whole ton of people there. We had many less actives and even the Steens showed up to it!!! We had some good food, and a very good time with each other. After that we did weekly planning, then we taught Christian (The American) and he surprised us by reading three chapters from the Book of Mormon. And he had quite a few questions about it. Our lesson was on how to apply the book to our lives today, and we also talked about how God answers prayers. After that we had dinner with Tom, our mission leader, then we went home and watched the restoration video before bed.
Thanks for everything you have done for me! I hope you all have a wonderful week!
Ældste Swan

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