Monday, September 23, 2013

S4:E06 "Darker than ever"

Hello everyone!!! I hope all is well over in the land of freedom and eagles! Everything is fantastic in the land of pastries and vikings! I'm a Little dissappointed no one got the song reference last email... but alas, THIS WEEK!!!:
Monday, after writing home and buying food. I made some cookies and we hung out with one of our investigators and talked about video games. After that we went and tried finding in Kær, but it is getting ridiculously Cold, which makes me sad. It's also getting dark around 8, and bright around 8. (When I got here, I saw day light the Whole time I was awake.)
Tuesday, We had an appointment with a Family we though was going to be super promising. But, they burned us. Which was a Little dissapointing. after that we went to the church and watched the first half of the Work of salvation broadcast because Elder Holbrook has never seen that before. Then we had an awesome lesson with our less active named Maria. She is from Maraco or however you spell it. She told us a Little while back that she felt that the church was just helping her, and that she wanted to help. So we have been trying to give her Things to do. One of which is helping us run a class we hold every Tuesday, which she is excited about. It makes me realize that it's true. A part of serving is allowing others to serve you. We also have started inviting her to come with us to lessons, which has been going really well, and she was in church last sunday and really enjoyed it! It is actually a really big Blessing for her, because she just lost her job, and really wanted something to be stable in her life. :D after that we went up to Yaseens ("Sassy Yass" himself) and, like usual, we helped clean up the plague house. After that, we helped him make some dinner, he is actually a really good chef for almost being always drunk. It's scary watching a buzzed man cut vegetables with a really Sharp knife. I don't even trust myself with a Sharp knife. After a fast dinner, we took off to catch a train to the promised land, Odense. We were going over there for a zone training thing, but my grandpa (trained my father) and great uncle(trained by grandpa) serve there, so we spent the night with them. The first thing we did was go to an "American Resturaunt" to get a burger. After ordering and sitting Down, the cashier comes up to us and asks us WHO we are, so we talk about how we are mormons, Americans, all that fun stuff. Then we eventually get on the topic of what we do in our free time. And he plays Starcraft 2. So we had quite the conversation about starcraft, and I also got his email address to keep in touch, so hopefully I will serve in Odense and be able to teach him about the gospel.
Wednesday was the zone training. Where we got a lesson from the mission president, and learned a lot. It was all about finding people to teach, and that we just need to open our mouths. Go out there and talk to people. It was really good. But that pretty much took up our Whole day because of the train ride.
Thursday we started the day off by visiting a less active member WHO was in the Family History Center. (He pretty much lives there) which was good. We just talked about how we can make the branch here better. Then we saw one of the members in the church, so we went inside and saw that she was cleaning the church, by herself. So we asked if we could help her out and did that for a while. After that we ate lunch, then served our mission leader, by cleaning up his house. Tom made us some food after we had our missionary meeting, and we had a good time with him. To close the night off we stopped by a less active member WHO told us she didn't want to take her names of the records of the church!!! Which was fantastic news. Then she actually told us that she wants to get all the lessons Again, and get refreshed in the church! It was a Little miracle from the Lord. She also gave us delicious tasting cookies, which was a Little bonus to that.
Friday, we had an awesome lesson with Andrea, the woman that is ready to be baptized and is getting baptized on the 19th in Germany! (I'm excited to go Down there for a day!) But with this lesson we brought the less active member, Maria, with us. It went really well. We talked about why we keep the sabbath day holy, and what it Means to keep Sunday holy. Maria is such a good member, she walked 30 minutes to come to that appointment. After that we went around inviting our investigators to church, then we took a train up to Esbjerg for a district activity the NeXT day.
Saturday rolls around, and we as a district go to a park and have a nice district meeting about asking for referrals and finding people to teach. Then we ate some delicious food, and played some soccer and just had a nice time with each other and getting to know how the others Work in the mission field. We found out that Elder Berry, the district leader is getting transfered. Which is a Little sad. I am the only person left in the original district when I got here... everyone else as moved on to other Places.
Sunday was an awesome day. We had Maria, Andrea, and Yaseen in church. We also had an awesome talk on temples in sacrament meeting, and an awesome lesson in sunday school on WHO Christ is to us. We also had 3 families invite us and Andrea over for dinner in the coming 2 weeks, which will be fantastic. I am excited for those. After that awesome day at church, we stopped by a less active, named John Sundahl (Sunny D) and we just kept him up to date with what's happening in the church. Then we taught a really good lesson to the American we found about reading from the Book of Mormon and praying to find the answer. We compared it to Enos, and how he had to have a wrestle to find the answer, that it didn't just come immediately.
But.. that was my week minus the pastries and cake I have eaten. Thank you all for the updates, and the prayers! I hope you all have a fantastic week, and eat some food in memory of me!
Ældste Swan


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