Monday, September 9, 2013

S4:E04 "Planning the trip to Germany"

Hello everyone!!! I hope everything is still good for all y'alls! Everything is still going great over across the sea.
So let us dive right in to my life.
Monday, last Monday, it was an alright day. After righting home, we decided to get some Chinese food that... to say the least, messed with our systems. After that we just hung out at the Apartment, cleaned up a Little bit. Then we went to teach Peter, the person we set a baptismal date with. He gave us the bad news that he found out he has cancer. In his lungs... and his bone marrow. They told him they will begin Kemo almost immediately, which shows how bad it really is. So our lesson with him, was just giving him comfort and encouraging him to continue to pray for strength. We also gave him a Blessing, that he said felt really good, and game him some Peace and comfort. After this lesson with went and picked up the Esbjerg Elders for splits. After picking them up, I made sticky buns and we went and bought some turtle ice cream, which was only just the beginning.
Tuesday, splits day. I had Elder Eisert the Whole day. My wonderful MTC companion. The day started off like any other day. We woke up, got ready and ate breakfast, studied. But lunch is where Things got crazy. For lunch we decided to go out and find some food to eat. Our lunch consisted of an entire pastry each, with a roll, and mountain dew mixed with saft(juice concentrate) this pastry was... probably 200 grams of butter in it. But I digress, after eating those, fighting off bees, and holding all that food Down. We began our Wor. First stop, finding creepy Pete. I'm not entirely sure why I wanted to find him, because I had heard from other missionaries terrible stories about this man. That he was attracted to a missionary 3 or 4 years back, just kind of not right in the head. But the last door we knocked on where I thought he was, turned out to be him. Creepy half smile and all. He let us in, and we walked into a fairly tidy house. On his coffee table he had 7-9 candles laid in a line, all of them were lit. Then on the wall over by his eating table, he had two identical Pictures of him hanging up. On the window sill he had 2 other Pictures of him there. So... we shared with him a quick message, gave him a book of mormon Again and encouraged him to read it, then left for our own safety. The way he would look at you is bend his head Down and moves his eyes to the top of his head. (Which is where the creepiness came from)He didn't seem too bad, he was nice, but creepy. Then we drove out to a town 15 minutes away because we got burned from an old lady, and started knocking on doors. Then we drove home and dropped them off at the train station. That was Tuesday. :P
Wednesday, zone training. What this entales is that we got on a train in the morning, rode it for 2 hours. Had a meeting for 3 hours, rode home for 2 hours. Then we saw Tai, the computer genius and talked a Little bit about why we have religion. Then we went and taught Kim, another genius, and we talked about the other half of the Word of wisdom that everyone seems to forget. It was a really good lesson.
Thursday rolls around, We started off trying to stop by some potentials and that old lady that burned us, with no luck. Then we had an awesome lesson with Andrea. Where we went over the principles of the gospel of Jesus Christ, which include, faith in God and Christ, Repentance, Baptism, Recieving the gift of the Holy Ghost, and enduring to the end. We talked about baptism with her Again, and she said she wanted to. So we set a date, for the 5th of October. What this Means is that we will probably be going to Germany because that is where the closest baptismal font is! So we are super excited, and she is an awesome lady. She is reading in the book of mormon every night, and we are actually texting her a chapter to read every night. Every time she says it was amazing and related with her so much. After this awesome lesson with Andrea, we tried stopping by Peter, WHO sadly wasn't feeling well enough to meet with us because of Kemo.
Friday came, lots of time spent weekly planning, then we made this Little weekly newsletter for the branch, then we had a good lesson with Marco, a less active where we talked about the sacrament, but it ended up being him telling us all about his theories on why Harry Potter is bad, etc etc. Then we had an awesome eating appointment with familien Kuntz. Where we shared a message about how important it is to be a missionary through example. That everything we do is seen, and makes an impact. Speaking of which, in the library just barely, a man was looking up The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints because of us just being here. Everything Counts.
Saturday, We helped Yaseen on his house a bit. Then we had an appointment with Amalie, WHO is a Danish teen, that has been investigating the church for a while and has felt the spirit, but wants to live the Danish college life of drinking and partying, so won't accept it. So we are trying to start from Square one, and rebuild her Desire. (At one point she was praying for a baptismal date and said she found an answer) That was a tough lesson, because we just said that don't and won't force her into anything. We just want to help her in any way that we can. After that we had a crack Down lesson with Tai. Where we just told him how the book of mormon is the thing that holds our religion together. So we invited him to read it, study it, even to try and find flaws, and to pray about it. It was a Little harsh of a lesson, but I feel that it was the only way for him to make that NeXT step of reading and trying for himself.
Church on Sunday was awesome. Andrea was there and she absolutely loved it. The members talked with her quite a bit, and it was just a good time. After that we went knocking for quite a bit, with no luck. Then we stopped by Peter just to see how he is doing, which is tough. Kemo is definitely not a good thing. Then we taught an American, WHO has read the chapter in the book of mormon we gave him, then he had a Whole ton of questions for us. It was an awesome lesson.
Now I am here. Thanks for reading and stuff! I love you all and wish you the best!
Ældste Swan

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