Monday, September 2, 2013

S4:E03 "Money and yolo"

Another week has come and gone! Time seems to go by incredibly fast. Last monday for p-day we went to Tønder, and ate with a member. While in Tønder I ended up purchasing a cardigan. It's a nice cardigan, and it was a Fifth of the normal Price, which is the only reason I bought it.
Tuesday, we spent a lot of time helping Yaseen paint his newly bought weed house. Which was exciting. (I might get the plague from that house...) After that we tried finding, and while driving to an appointment, I ended up being kind of a jerk to my companion and venting to him, about him and how different we are. So that wasn't good for our companionship, at least for that day. Then we had an awesome lesson with Peter.(I'm still impressed, we set emotions aside) Peter is the man WHO wants to be baptized and speaks an unbelievable Sønderjysk accent. But we ended up teaching him the Word of Wisdom. When we invited him to not drink alcohol or smoke anymore, he was excited to do it.(MIRACLE!) He said he could easily do it and that he wants to. So naturally, we asked him why he felt so differently than most Danes when we teach the Word of Wisdom. He told us, because he knows that it is true, because of the feeling that he has gotten in his Heart when he has read and prayed. It was an awesome experience, and a good lesson. After the lesson, it was a quiet night between the companionship...
Wednesday rolls around, I made a ton of crepes for us. (I ate so much) And apologized and everything for the previous day, and I feel that it helped me get along a lot better. Instead of keeping everything in my head, to just get the few Things that bug me off my chest. Then we had a good day of serving Tom, then we went to the church to make some flyers for this Little class we will be starting up for everyone. While working on it, we got a random text from a girl that dropped us the previous week. That said ever since she has met with us, she has had really good experiences. So we asked what the experiences were, and she invited us over Again to hear them and teach her some more. (MIRACLE!) Then we had a lesson with a members friend, where we talked about Joseph Smith, and what we believe. We had a member with us (Tom) and he wanted to talk a lot in that lesson.
Thursday, district meeting. But this wasn't any district meeting, it involved interpretive dancing, taught by Elder Eisert himself. He tied in the dance with how we teach. The first time we did it, he just told us to imitate him, then the NeXT time he explained every move, which is how we need to teach people. After having a good time in Esbjerg, we traveled home to teach Andrea (The girl that texted us the day before) a lesson. We taught about the plan of salvation, and focused on why we are here on the earth, and what are purpose was. We asked her why she wanted us to come back, and she said that when she read the chapter we gave her, it helped her out a lot, and was very relatable to her. We talked about baptism a bit and she said that she has thought about that as well. So we invited her to pray and think about a date that she would want to Work towards to be baptized. (MIRACLE!) At the end of the day, we ended up talking to a less active for a really long time about why the branch isn't loving anymore.
Friday, weekly planning then helping Yaseen move. When we showed up he had one unbelievably feminine ear ring in. That was quite exciting. Then we taught a good lesson to the Chinese girl, Guannan, on the holy ghost, and how we get answers for our prayers. Then we saw our lovely friend Tai (The super smart programmer) and had the standard lesson with him.
Saturday, walking a lot and trying to find. Nothing too special happened except for one old lady WHO opened the door and then gasped when she saw WHO we were. She told us to come back another time because her son lives in Denver, and knows a lot of mormons.
Sunday was a good day, church was good. We had an awesome first lesson with an American named Christian, where we just talked about the first lesson (what we believe, where the church came from, the restoration) Then we met with Tom because he is our mission leader, after that we had a delightful evening with Tom and the Cullingford Family. (Eating dinner, playing guitar, Tom talking about how bad he wishes he could teleport.)
... and now I am here. :D I hope everything is going well with you all!
Much loves!
Ældste Swan

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