Monday, August 26, 2013

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Hey everyone! I hope everything is okay with you Guys!  Denmark is always great. My companion has gotten a lot better dealing with home sickness and everything, but he is still pretty home sick. He enjoys the mission now though. His personality is very different from mine. (go figure) so it's hard for us to be the best of friends, but we still get along well enough. He is an amazing missionary, and he has the 'greeny fire' as people would say. So his potentional is in the stars, and with how good of a teacher he is, he could very well reach it.
Now on to the days:
Monday: was p-day. We went to the statue park Again, to show my son the craziness of Down South in Sønderborg. Then we met with the member named Tom, and had a nice dinner, and chat with him. We talked a lot about Jehovas Witnesses because he has met with them quite a bit and has studied their religion out. It was very interesting.
Tuesday: This was a wild day. We started off like any other day. Trying to stop by people, them not being home or being busy. Then we had a lesson with this girl named Andrea WHO seemed very promising. Right before going there, we got news that the member that was going to come with us, couldn't anymore. So we showed up to her door, and started to say that we couldn't teach her alone in her Apartment. (Rules and stuff) But then she just told us the the mormon thing wasn't for her at this time. But she wanted to keep the book of mormon, and she prayed and said it felt really good. So we did our job of planting that seed. But that kind of sucked, because we had a lot of faith in her, so we went home for dinner, because naturally the best medicine for depression. After a good dinner and calming Down, we decided we were going to go out and find some peoples. So during the prayer on the way out the door, a random town name popped into my head. I had never been there, I wasn't even sure if it was in our area. But we looked it up and we were off. Went we got to Felsted, the name that popped into my head, I started praying a Whole ton to be lead to the street we should go to. Looking at the map, there was one that stood out to me, so away we went once Again. So we started bonking on some doors, with no luck. Then we went up to this super trashy looking house, and we heard someone with a super Sønderjysk accent through the window. (Southern, relatable to gator Hunters) So naturally, it was the the Elders turn. So we knock on the door, and this 75ish old opens the door, we introduce ourselves, then he just tells us to come in. Because of his accent I was quite worried about understanding him, but this is where the second half of the miracle comes in. Ældste Holbrook could understand him, and had a really good discussion with him. (I didn't do a Whole ton, he couldn't really understand me, and vice versa) We actually committed him to a baptismal date! It was such an awesome experience for us.
Wednesday: Not nearly as exciting... we served Tom, let some plumbers into the church to fix a toilet, then stopped by some people to set up appointments. Then we took a train up to Esbjerg for splits.
Thursday: Splits with Ældste Eisert (My MTC companion) and Ældste Berry. It was a lot of finding for me, because I told them to take Elder Holbrook to every appointment they had. It was a good day though, we just did a lot of contacting, then I ended the day by riding bikes to a store(15 minute bike ride) to buy 6 liters of chocolate milk with Elder Berry.
Friday: Going home from Esbjerg, then weekly planning took most of our time. We had an appointment with the Steens, but they burned us ;_; So we went up to Nordborg and stopped by a less active, where Elder Holbrook hit it off with him. That greeny fire is strong. So we had a really good lesson, mainly just giving testimonies, then he told us to stop by his neighbor, WHO ended up being this 90 year old guy WHO mainly just wanted to tell us war stories. That was how we ended that day.
Saturday: We stopped by Amalie, this investigator that was close to baptism 4 months ago, but went Down hill fast. We had a nice Little chat, Elder Holbrook got to know her, then we talked about what she believes in, and why. It is sad, because talking to other missionaries WHO were here before, I know that she has had experiences where she has felt the spirit and knows that it is something she wants in her life. She is just denying it, because it will require a big change in her life. That night we had another lesson with Peter, the guy WHO we set a baptismal date with. This time we set an actual date with him, where we feel he could be ready, the 19th of October. We talked about how families can be together forever, because he really misses his wife, WHO died a few months ago. He really wants to find out more about what we believe in.
Sunday! We had 2 new people in church that came with a member. (Invite friends, it Works!) Then we had an appointment with the Steens(Investigators) at the Cullingfords(Members). But when we got there, the Steens didn't show up. So we shared a Little message with the Cullingfords, and right when we finished, the door bell ring. The Steens showed up an hour late, and we had an awesome lesson with them. The Cullingfords taught the importance of working together to find Christ in a marriage, and I think that the Steens realize how important it is to apply the gospel into their lives right now instead of waiting for something to happen. After that awesome lesson, we went to Toms house and had some dinner and a meeting because he is now our mission leader. It was a good day, and a very good week.
Thank you all for your prayers and everything. I love you all!
Ældste Swan

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