Monday, August 12, 2013

S3:E10 "An incoming son"

Hi everyone! I hope all is well in your lives. Everything is still fantastic over here in the great land of Denmark. Big changes are happening and it is a very exciting time for me.
First off, last monday after emailing we decided to go see the German border. That was quite exciting. We drove for a bit, then went hiking for 20 or so minutes until we hit the spot. It was an accomplishing ending as well, because there was a bridge that connected Denmark and Germany. So we took some Pictures of us right by Germany and then we began our long journey out of the woods. After that we had a dinner appointment with a member. We had a really good discussion there. We talked about how when you do something, you should either commit 100% to it, or 0%. (This was in relation to D&C 123:17) Then we had an awesome conversation about the difference between an opgave (invitation) and a gave (gift). How the 'opgave' Means a Whole lot more because the person has to go out and Work for the gift, which usually is knowledge and experience. While the 'gave' won't mean nearly as much.
Tuesday came about and we went on some good ol' splits with our Zone Leaders. It was an amazing experience. The elder I went out with (Elder Swenson) is an amazing missionary. I learned so much by how he worked. Although our Work that day consisted a lot of us just explaining that we weren't JW's, he still taught me a while ton.
Wednesday was a zone meeting, which just Means our zone was together and got a short Little lesson from our zone leaders and mission president. Then we had a zone activity, where we all played some football which was fun. It was a long day, and because of the train ride home we didn't have any time to Work. But before the zone meeting there was a meeting for the new trainers, and that was an exciting meeting to be in.
Thursday came along. We served Tom, did some Work for him. Then we stopped by two investigators. Although we didn't have the oppurunity to teach an actual lesson. It was still good to just chat with them and get to know them a bit better. After seeing them, we went off to our lesson with a college student that was interested in hearing our message. Sadly, he burned us. But in the coolest way possible. He left a paper on his door (With tape) as well as a pen. On the paper he explained that he was called into Work, which is why he wasn't there, but under the explanation he had 3 check boxes for 3 different times that we could meet with him. He told us to check one of the boxes. Then as a p.s. he left us 2 Pepsis. It was a super nice way of finding out he wouldn't be there.
Friday consisted of weekly planning, Nutella cheesecake brownies, then going up and helping Yaseen clean the huge house that he purchased. We quickly found out that the top floor of it was mostly used for growing some drugs, and smelled quite bad. It will be a lot of Work to get it all fixed up. But we started with just washing the kitchen Down. (The most important room) Then we shared a short message because it was late by the time we were done. We just talked about what it Means to have faith, and how it has blessed us in our live.
On Saturday we taught a good lesson to our Chinese investigator. She asked us a lot of questions, and I'm super happy that she did that. Her questions were why do we pray, and why do we have religion and scriptures. It was really good to just take a step back and talk about those Things, because they are the most important Things to understand. After that lesson we went to a less actives home, whose daughter was there. The daughter had been to church 10 years before (She was like 13) and couldn't remember a Whole ton about it. But all we did in that appointment was answer questions from her. Which went really well, and she ended up taking a book of mormon and wanted to read it. We have an appointment with her today, so hopefully that will go well.
Sunday was a good day. Church was amazing, the spirit was very strong. Sadly it was a lot of goodbyes because elder Hawkes is leaving this Tuesday, but it was amazing to see the members see the influence of the missionaries.  Then we saw Familien Steen So Elder Hawkes could say goodbye. We taught a good lesson, then invited them to baptism. Sadly MaryAnne is ready to commit to a date, but Anders really wants to. We invited them to read (2 Nephi 31) and pray and talk about it together. Because it really is a Family decision. They are an amazing Family, and Anders is progressing so quickly. He is reading and praying almost everyday, and those are the most important steps.
But as you can guess, I am having a son on Wednesday. I am training this NeXT tranfer, which Means tomorrow I'm heading to Copenhagen to pick him up.It will be a very exciting time, because I'm definitely not the best at speaking Danish.
Thank you for all the letters and everything!
Ældste Swan


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