Friday, August 9, 2013

S3:E09 "Forgetting English and the like"

Elder Swan reporting in Again. I hope everything is well with all of you! Denmark is still fantastic. I finally hit about where I was weight wise before the MTC, which is great... it's about time.
Starting with last p-day, it was the first time I had mcdonalds here in Denmark. Not half bad. (Comparably, by mcdonalds standards.)
Tuesday we had an awesome lesson with two Phillipino Women. We talked about WHO God really is and kind of why we have religion in the first place. IT was a good lesson. We focused on recieving guidance in our life and feeling God's love for us. After that we met with Yaseen, WHO went through a big change in his life. (I can't remember if I mentioned this) In the past 2 weeks he got a divorce and got engaged Again. So we actually met with him and his woman friend. She is actually a super nice person, WHO is sincerely interrested in religion. So we taught them about the book of mormon, and the many Blessings that it has given us in our lives.
Wednesday was also a fantastic day (It's also great serving the Lord) But we started off by having a fantastic lunch with Maybrit and some of her Family. It was nice to see her Again, but at the same time it was really weird to hear her speak Danish, and I could understand it for the most part. It was a very good time at lunch with them. Then after lunch we went over and helped out Tom. The member WHO we help every week. Which was fun as usual, shared a quick message to him. Then we met with Grace and Marco Again. (The less active Dad) We shard a message with them about being an example to others, then talked about how many missionary oppurtinities open just by being a good example to others.
Thursday morning was the first day I missed a train. We were heading up to district meeting, it was Classic. We got out of our car and started running towards the train, then when we were halfway there it drove away. But we took a road trip up to Esbjerg instead which was quite exciting. Because we knew this district meeting would be the last one before transfers we had quite the meeting. Lots of cookies and Things and just a good time with missionaries. Later that night we had an awesome lesson with the Steens. We also talked about being an example, and this lesson was actually the first time that MaryAnne was completely involved in it. We talked about Gods influence in our life and also the many Blessing that come from the gospel. Those two are learning so quickly about the Blessings that you recieve when you follow Christ. We also stopped by a less active and shared a quick scripture and just checked up on how she is doing. Which was good, she is reading from the Book of Mormon Again, which is the first step to keeping the commandments. The scriptures are a fantastic thing.
Friday wasn't to exciting. Weekly planning and watering some plants for a Family. Then we saw Yaseen and his woman friend Again. Our lesson focused on church, then we invited them to come on Sunday.
Saturday was exciting. We started off our day by stopping by some people and setting up some appointments. Then we bonked a bit. That night we had dinner with an asian investigator. She made fun of my lack of chop stick skills. But after eating some amazing asian food, we shared a message about the holy ghost. We talked about how it relates to some chinese beliefs as well as how it is kind of like a 6th sense. It was a good lesson. But at the end of it I was saying the prayer, in English. It didn't go so well, my brain switched to Danish half way through, and it is super hard to fight that back when your mind is thinking the other way. I never thought it would happen to me, but alas, two months in and I'm forgetting English.
Sunday was awesome. We totally had 5 investigators at church! Familien Steen and Yaseen and his woman friend were there. Anders is stoked about the church, he loves the members and everything about it. He actually told one of the members that he has a guilty feeling because he hasn't been baptized yet. So we hope to set a date with him soon. (This week) But after an amazing day in church, we stopped by John, a less active WHO honestly doesn't do much with his life. We told him to set a goal that he can accomplish every day, which hopefully will be a start. At the end of the day, we had a lesson with Tai. In which, we somehow talked about marriage, neanderthals, and how many people will come to the earth. It was an exciting lesson. So while making dinner on Sunday we happened to recieve a phone call from our mission president. I then recieved some news, that I will be training someone in about 2 weeks. Which is crazy because I'm definitely not the best at the language. But I'm pumped for it, it should go well, and be very exciting.
Thanks for all your prayers and loves! Go out there and make someones day!
Ældste Swan

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