Wednesday, August 21, 2013

S4:E01 "A beautiful, bouncing, baby boy!"

Hello! Everything is still fantastic in Europe!
So Monday and Tuesday was pretty much going around and saying bye with Elder Hawkes. He was leaving, going all the way to Devils Island. (Sjæland where Copenhagen is) Which was really nice. Sadly these two days were pretty hectic, and I missed writing in my journal on those days.
Tuesday around 3 I traveled to Copenhagen, which took the Whole day. I stayed with the zone leaders that are over there.
Wednesday morning, went to the church in Copenhagen, where there was a meeting for all the trainers and all the new Guys that just showed up. In this meeting there was one kid, WHO had a Danish accent that was way better than any of the missionaries, he was also a new kid. So naturally, he is my son. His name is Elder Holbrook, he is from Salt Lake. His mom is 100% Danish, and she converted here in Denmark. So she raised him teaching him Danish in the house. (Which is why he is so good at Danish) What is really crazy is that he was only in the MTC for 12 days. So I got him around his 15 day mark. Greeny fire and home sickness like crazy! It's weird because I really am a huge example for him, and I set how the mission plays out for him. He is already an awesome missionary, and he knows the language. So I'm not worried about it at all. So when we got back from Copenhagen, we had a bit of time to Work. So we went out finding. We were just knocking on some doors, and this guy in a Wheel chair opened the door. We started talking with him, and he was really nice. Then we heard a voice from behind us, this guy was saying to just close the door, because all they want to do is make you change. He said that maybe 3 times, then I just said, "We know, but have a good night!" We continued talking with the guy in the wheelchair, just about his beliefs and a Little bit about what we believe. Then the guy that was getting mad at us for knocking, telling him to close the door came back and stood right behind us and told him to close the door once Again. Elder Holbrook, being new and terrified of course did that. He just said bye, and then shut the door. We turned around and the guy told us to leave. Then he said something that we didn't understand, so we said "Sorry, we didn't understand" then he asked if we would understand his fist. It was an exciting first finding experience for my baby boy. (This may have been what made him so homesick)
Thursday rolls around, this was district meeting day, which was really good for him to see other missionaries working. Our train was late, so we missed the connection which ended up making us an hour late. So we got hom around dinner time. Then we had an awesome lesson with this guy name Daniel. He is a college student, studying computer networking. (He is really good with computers) That was actually a really good lesson. We just talked about why we are here on this life, and what are purpose is. When we got home, Elder Holbrook just straight out told me that he wanted to go home... that was when I had a Deep Heart to Heart with him, talking about why we are on a mission, and all the people he will bless. Then I gave him a Blessing, and he went off to bed.
Friday, we served Tom, and this helped Elder Holbrook out a ton. He bonded with Tom a ton, and found his purpose here on the mission. That was good. Then we did weekly planning and we had a lesson with the Steens. That started out really well. Feeling the spirit talking about families and baptism and how much it blesses lives. Then Mira, the 1 year old daughter started to cry because she was hungry. It ended the lesson quite ubruptly but I think it was still a good lesson. We went finding after dinner, and we found this awesome woman WHO is maybe in her 40's. She said that she heard a lot of bad Things about mormons, but now wants to hear what we actually believe. So we actually set up an appointment with her right at the door and it was an awesome contact. (Her name was Andrea)
Saturday was fun because we got to help out with a youth stake activity that was going on Down here. It was themed after the Olympics, and we were in charge of the tug-of-war. It was fun to see a ton of Danish youth here in Sønderborg. Then we went up to Yaseens and sadly didn't have time to share an actual message because his friends showed up. (Kedde!!!!!) Which was awesome. Got to just chat with them, and I got a potential for some other missionaries through that.
Sunday we had an awesome church meeting where Elder Holbrook was able to meet all the members. After that we had a lesson with Andrea. It went really well, we talked about God, the holy ghost, how to find God in your life. Then we talked about the restoration, specifically on how it blesses families. Then we invited her to read from the wonderful Book of Mormon, and to pray. She was willing to say the closing prayer as well. She is an awesome lady, and a very good soul.
But now I am here, writing all my wonderful friends and Family. I hope you have had a fantastic week, and that you will have a great week.
Loves and stuff from Sønderborg!
Ældste Swan

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