Monday, October 21, 2013

S4:E10 "Going Down"

Hello everyone! I hope you are all having a good week! I have had a Wonderful week, filled with a many Things.
Monday was sweet. We found out that it was Canadian thanksgiving via email from my sister. So we had to hurry and buy some doughnuts and bacon for that. Before our dinner we gave a church tour to an investigator, then gave a quick lesson to Peter, WHO wasn't too happy because he was hungry. So we went home, ate 300 grams of bacon, 6 sausages, 6 doughnuts, mash potatoes, and 2 liters of coke. It was a lot, but you have to make sacrafices for celebrations!
Tuesday morning, woke up with some hardcore bacon heartburn... which wasn't too delightful. After calming that Down with some milk, we started the day off by walking in the rain to a less actives house named Maria, and had a nice Little conversation with her at the door, then told her to Watch a talk from general conference. We later went and stopped by Andrea, and just gave her a Little comfort lesson, getting her ready for the baptism. Then we went up to Yaseens and spent the last Little bit of the day with him, even though it wasn't that fun because everyone was drunk and smoking and my leg hurt because of my bacon blood.
Wednesday, we finally got in with Muslim Mom. This lady that we have stopped by over 20 times, and every time she tells us to come back another time. So we went in and started talking to her about the gospel. We found out that she met with missionaries 12 years ago in Afghanistan and read the book of mormon. She also talked about how she was a muslim, but not a crazy muslim. We didn't get to teach a Whole lot, but at the end of it, she brought up witch-craft and what we believe with that. She told us to come back NeXT time prepared to talk about that. :P After that we went up to Peters house, but he bailed on us :( So we went up to Åbenrå to look for some potential investigators. That is the prettiest city, holy cow. If there is one city I could just be in, it would be Åbenrå. After that we drove back to Sønderborg and helped Tom clean up his house a Little.
Thursday, District meeting, followed by really good pizza from one of there investigators that owns a pizza shop. Then we took the train ride home and met with Peter, WHO showed us his beautiful dance moves to some 80's music.
Friday, we wrote our testimony in a triple combination we were going to give to Andrea after her baptism. then we stopped by lots of people, to no luck. Had a good lesson with Andrea, once Again just to get her ready for Saturday. Then we read a chapter with Familien Steen. They really like doing that, and they apply what they learn in their lives. Now we just need to get them doing it on their own instead of waiting for us to stop by.
Saturday came around. We started off the day by driving Down to Germany, and getting lost. After finally finding the church, we talked with the German elders for a Little bit and made some cookies in preperation for the Baptism. Then the magic happened. It was a really good program, we heard a talk from our branch president, then Ældste Holbrook baptized Andrea, and that went really well. I was super proud of Elder Holbrook... I'm not entirely sure why. I guess it is just because I am his mission father. Baptisms always make me feel the spirit. It just get's me thinking about the covenant you make, and what it Means. Which leads to me thinking about the eternal perspective of Things, and the hope of returning to God with a Family. After the program, we ate some food, and the branch welcomed Andrea in really well. Then we hit the town of Flensborg, looking at some German clothes and the crazy people Down there. We found an awesome store called Gandalphs that had every nerdy thing you could imagine (Warhammer, manga, anime, magic the gathering, etc.) But sadly it was all in German. I ended up buying 2 scarfs and a tie. Then we ate some subway which took me back to the mapleton days, getting the free cookie for being a student. To top it off, we bought some Dr. Pepper, because they don't have that here in Denmark either.
Sunday, we went to church and I was asked to bless the sacrament. While up there I was talking to the other member that was going to bless. I asked him if the confirmation happens before or after the sacrament. He said that if he remembers correctly it's after. So I was a Little surprised when the branch president announced it before. But it went really well. It was perfect Danish, but I feel that I did the job good enough. :P As long as the spirit is there, then it is okay. Then I got to bless the sacrament in Danish as well which was really cool. After that we stopped by Familien Thorngreen, some members here and they were all sick except for the dad. Then we had an awesome eating appointment and had a super fun Family home evening with Andrea and familien Vestergård. We ended the day by going up to Peters and teaching him the basics Again. That God is our heavenly father, and how we should pray.
Now we are here. :D That was my week. I hope to send some Pictures because they tell much more than my lazy English typing.
Love you all
Ældste Swan


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