Monday, January 20, 2014

S6:E5 "David blev døbt"

Hey everyone, my week has been way good. As you all will shortly see.
So monday, we had a way good pday. It was really Cold so yet Again we went to the mall and went shopping, where my companion spent yet Again more Money. After that we went to the CUV center (center for Young adults) and brought David with us to the Family home evening activity. So that was way fun, I made elder Christensen participate and hang out with the kiddos there. Then we went home and slept. p.s. it snowed... quite a bit. So it wasn't very much fun to be outside.
Tuesday we started off with a good district meeting. Talking about how we can find more families to teach, and why the Family is so important in the gospel. How the Family should support and help eachother on their personal paths. Then we went out and visited this older couple that we found in dropped records. We had a nice time, a nice Little lesson just getting to know them. Then they said that if they had found the Mormon church earlier in their lives, they probably would've become members. It was a way sad thing to hear... because it's like they have given up hope on it because they are older. But after that we stopped by an older less active woman, just to kind of see how she is doing, It was cool because her daughter showed up and started asking lot's of questions about the church, and we had the oppurtunity to teach her about the plan of salvation. Sadly all of her questions made us late to our eating appointment, but the members understood... I hope.
Wednesday, we started off just looking for people, then we ended up going and visiting David because he didn't have the best day at school, and it was leading up to his baptism, so we thought we could support him and all that fun stuff. So we headed over there and shared a good lesson about the gift of the holy ghost, and what it will do when he get's it. It's cool for me to see how much a Little gospel lesson like that can change someones day from bad to good. Then we had another eating appointment with Thomas Hornslet, one of my most favorite members ever. Even though he said I eat like a bird because I eat so much... -.- see if I ever eat their food Again... haha But that was a way good night.
Thursday was another chill day. We cleaned the baptismal font for a long time... then we had an eating appointment which went well. I ended up leaving my scriptures there. But then we just stopped by a few people and invited them to the baptism. OH yeah, and we sprinted and out ran a bus, it was the best bus catch I have done on my mission Thus far.
Friday was one of the greatest days ever. We started off the day by having a meeting for all of the new Guys in the mission which meant free lunch, and we got to go to the temple. So I started off by going through the temple, then it was time for the baptism, so we filled up the font, and got everything ready, took Pictures with David, and then we had one of the most spiritual meetings I have ever been in. It was so cool because David is one of those people WHO is truely converted. And knows what he is doing right now. So that was one of the best days on my mission so far.
Saturday, we weekly planned and then did something else... I can't really remember.
Sunday I had the oppurtunity to give David the gift of the holy ghost. That was a cool experience. Although it was one of those moments in life where everything in my mind goes blank, so I was trying to speak in Danish, without thinking. So it was a Little shaky Danish wise, but still a very good experience. Then we had a way good day at church with David, and after that we tried stopping by some people, less actives, but they weren't home, so we just went trodding through the Cold snow for... experience.
But now I am here, about to eat some food and play some handball. :) I hope you all have a wonderful week.
Ældste Swan


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