Monday, March 24, 2014

S7:E3 "Pastries mixed with the Spirit"

Well, another week has come and gone. Way fast might I add. It's crazy how fast the time goes by, but that's how it goes I guess. I'm doing well, just tearing it up here in Aalborg, and loving every minute of it. But before I get into the week, I will talk about my companion.
Elder Clawson, born and raised in the San Francisco area. He is a musician, a bass player. He has wanted to go into music since he was 13 years old. He loves jazz music. Playing, listening, and so forth. He likes pizza, having fun, and long walks on the beach. Blonde hair, blue eyes... awesome guy. :3 oh, he wants to own his own recording studio when he is older. That's sweet.

But as for our week, we had a way stinking good week. On Monday, my companion and someone else in our district needed haircuts, so they asked Maybrits sister. (Sister Frost) So we went up there and ended up spending like our whole p day there, then eating dinner with them. What an awesome family. They have a 7 year old daughter that got to sit with me when we ate dinner, and we had quite the chat, so now we are the best of friends. Then they have a son named Emil, who was playing video games in his room, and I just mozied on over there and got talking to him. That's when he started playing Scott Pilgrim, the video game (holy cow, it's amazing) so now we are the best of buds as well. So after having a way nice day with an amazing family, we headed over to an investigator named Ninja (yes, ninja) and we talk a pretty straight forward lesson about the plan of salvation. They went well, nothing too special to comment on. But that was our p day.

Tuesday rolls around, we stopped by our good friend Abdi, who is doing way better. He was smoking so much, and he was much more sane this time around. We shared a little message with him, then we went up to Brønderslev, where  we knocked a little, and the 2nd door that we knocked on, this Brazilian girl let us in. She said that her cousin is a mormon, and that she was way Christian. Sadly, she wasn't super interested in hearing the gospel, BUT they invited us to this bible study group that they have, so that will be exciting to go to. Then we met with Samar, our New Zealand gangster. I love him so much, such a funny kid. We had a good lesson, and got his birthday so that we could find out if he is a member. Then we just left the magical town and went home. 

Wednesday was an alright day. It was pretty much full of stopping by less actives, with no luck. Then we knocked some college dorms, and this way nice girl answered and was interested, so we set up an appointment with her for this wednesday. Then we ended the day by playing basketball with some members and investigators at the church, which was way fun. 

Thursday comes around, we start off with a district meeting, just talking about how we as missionaries can help members. But other than that, the main cool thing that day was our lesson with Familien Jørgensen. This Greenlandic family is so prepared. We taught about the plan of salvation, and at the end of it the husbad was just like "I was thinking about that the past couple of days, and you answered all of my questions." Which was sweet, then we asked if he had any other questions, then he pointed to the Book of Mormon and said "that book has all the answers" haha. He knows his stuff, they both do. But after that, we set a baptismal date with them, and they are way excited for it. Such an awesome family!

Friday was a chill day. We started off by just picking up some flyers to give out for general conference, then buying a pastry for our weekly planning. After that we took a bus forever to stop by this less active, who talked to us about Hawaii a whole ton. Still a good day though. 

Saturday was good. We went back up to Brønderslev and ate a giant icecream cone. Nothing too special happened up there this time. We met with our Mission leader, and talked with him for awhile. We also stopped by Abdi, and just read a little out of the book of Mormon. That went well. Nothing too crazy happened that day. :3

Sunday was awesome, we had church, then a meeting, then the older missionary couple fed us lunch. After that we had an eating appoinment with the Jørgensens. That went so well. We taught them about faith, repentance, baptism, holy ghost, and enduring to the end. It was cool, because after we taught about repentance, Judithe asked us if drinking and smoking was a sin, and that they had been discussing this in the past couple of days. So we taught that as well. We gave Maelek a blessing so that he could stop smoking, and the spirit was just super duper strong. Such an amazing family. I made some pastries that night, they turned out pretty well. (kanelsnegle) Lot's of butter, I might die, but I will die happy! :D

I hope that you all have had an amazing week. May God's blessing be with you all! LOVES!

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