Monday, March 10, 2014

S7:E1 "Sail away"

Hey everyone! I hope that you all had a good week. I sure did. :) I got some exciting news, but I forgot my old planner and my journal... so it might be kinda short. But let's get to it:

Monday we went to hardrock cafe for Elder Strongs birthday. That was fun and delicious. It was nice to see a lot of misisonaries that I hadn't seen for a while. So we ate our expensive food and drank our free water, then we wished elder Strong a happy birthday. After that we went and bought some food, and stuff. Then we had an eating appointment with the Eriksens, which was a lot of fun. We got to spend some time with Daniel, their son, who is way talented with making techno music (fruity loops is the program that he uses) so we got to hear his stuff and see how it is done. Then we had a good spiritual thought as usual.

Tuesday was zone conference. We learned more about how we can use family history in finding people to teach. That was good. I learned a lot about how we can help specific people in our area. But after zone conference we were told transfers, and I was to leave. I was going to Aalborg! :D woot woot. That's where Maybrit comes from, and it's where I wanted to go. So I am way excited and way happy about that. Then we talked to president just about the changes for a bit, and that was our day.

Wednesday rolls around, and I can't remember anything that we did. -.- I think that this was the day that we went up and stopped by familien Eriksen to say bye. We also were knocking a little bit up there and found a family that was pretty interested. That was cool. 

Thursday, I can't remember again... sheesh. This is why I always have my planner or journal with me. We did something fun and productive. 

Friday we stopped by some members and told them that I was leaving. We also set up some apointments with some people for my replacement and Elder Christensen. 

Saturday was about the same, this isn't very detailed... I know. I should've remembered my stuff. Something that was cool is that I got a text from one of our investigators and she was just like "thanks for everything and I really hope that you come back and that we keep contact." and I was like "yes! I am doing my job of being awesome" haha. 

Sunday I bore my testimony which went well. It was neat to see everyone that I knew in the ward come up and support me with the transfer that's coming up. I had a lot of good chats with the ward members. I got to say bye to David Barrett, the stud himself. I will miss that ward. We finished off the day by going to bishops and eating some food. It was way hyggeligt and a good way to finish off the area.

Today, I was on a train for 4 hours, now I'm in Aalborg, typing this email. Sorry it's so short... :((

I hope that you are all doing well, and that you have a good week. :)

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