Monday, March 17, 2014

S7:E2 "Windy Windy stuff"

Hey everyone, it's that time of week again. I'm doing great as usual. :D I'm loving it here in my new area. Aalborg is such a pretty town, and the ward is awesome. It is windy almost 24/7 but that's just a part of the experience I guess. But anyways... on to the good part.
So Monday after traveling forever and finally getting here and getting settled in, we went to the bishops for Family home evening with a greenlandic family that we are teaching. That was awesome. The Bishop and his family are awesome people, way nice. Then I had the chance to meet Familien Jørgensen, the greenlandic family. That was just awesome. They were definitely prepared for the message of the gospel, and they are an amazing family. We had a way good lesson from Sister Mathiesen on how we are children of God, and that we need to remember that simple fact. The spirit was way strong, and sometimes we need to just teach those way "simple" doctrines to share the things that people need to hear. But after the lesson, we ate some cake and played a board game with them, all in all, a very very good night. 

Tuesday rolls around and we start the day by biking to a members house to do some service. We painted his apartment, but I was just on paint duty because I didn't want to get any paint on my clothes. (Lame... I know) While there I got to meet Nikolai (The person we were serving) as well as Mike, who is this way sweet guy who was a member but left the church. So that was cool. After serving, we went to the church and set up some chairs and tables for an activity. Then we had a way good lesson with this girl named Camilla. We just talked about how God is with us, and will help us through all things. It was a way powerful lesson. She has a strong testimony, she is just shy and is worried about what people will think of her. (Hard childhood and stuffs) But that was a way good spiritual pump up. After that we stopped by another investigator named Abdiraman, a way funny guy. It was kind of sad though, because this time when we stopped by he was way stressed, and smoking like a factory. So nothing really stuck with him. But the story with Abdi is that he was a way good soccer player when he was 19. (played on the national team) then because he started getting money he got into drugs and that crap, but now he is on the way up again and trying to do what is right, which is awesome. But because of all the drugs and stuff, he has some dementia and stuff. :P But he is a way sweet guy, I love him. 

Wednesday, we serve in the morning again! My thighs are killing me because I had never biked this much before in my life. (I hate hills) That was good. Then we had an appointment with an investigator. But got burned... so we went finding. Then we had another appointment with someone, got burned again (oh the curse of elder Swan) But we ended the day by playing basketball with the ward and some investigators, so that was fun to meet some more people. This was the first day that I met Maybrits Mom, which was a fun little thing. It was just like "hi, how are you doing, who are you?" Then I was like "I'm from mapleton, do you recognize that?" then they pieced it together because Maybrit had warned them. haha, way nice people though. :) 

Thursday rolls around and we have our first district meeting, it went way well. I'm still district leader, and I have like 8 people in my district now. (4 sets of missionaries plus an older couple) So that was good, we talked about the spirit of Elijah and how that relates to thinking of your family that is here now. Then we went and got me checked in to Aalborg. Then we went to stop by an investigator for an appointment and once again, burned. (The curse continues!!!) But that night we met with this guy from New Zealand and had a good lesson with him. During that lesson, he told us that he met with missionaries before, and that he was baptized. :O so we need to see if that's true and get his records. He is a way cool guy, and we had a good lesson with him. 

Friday, we start off with an appointment with someone and Mcdonalds and, you guessed it. Burned. (Curse) But that's okay, because we did weekly planning, then we went out and met with this guy named Andreas. He is from Greenland, and he has a lot of faith. We had a way way way good lesson with him, and he seems way positive now. We just talked about how the Book of Mormon brings us closer to Christ and how it helps us to understand the bible. That was a big blessing that we got. 

Saturday rolls around, which was way random because we were invited to this kids house who is getting baptized, but no one had been able to meet the parents. We got to eat with them that day. So we spent a long time at their house. (Elder Clawson playing bass with Mikkel, and so on) then we had a way nice dinner and I feel like we made a good impression. They weren't interested in religion at all, but it was good enough. So that was a way sweet day. 

Then sunday rolls around, we got ourselves some church. Sadly none of our investigators came... but it will happen. I got to meet some cool members, including Maybrits Dad, who is a way funny guy. Haha, I'm excited for our appointment with them. But after church, we stopped by some people in a town called Vodskov, and we had a good less active lesson with a guy named Oleg. We just got to know him and talked about what the church can do for us. Then answered some of his questions. 

Now I'm here, and my thighs are surprisingly still okay. Just going to get huge from muscle soon. I hope that you all are doing well, and have a good week! <3

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