Monday, December 1, 2014

S10:E9 "On the first day of Christmas"

Hello Family,

I hope that you all are doing well. I sure am. We had a pretty good week this past week! 

I will just go through the people that we are working with real quick. I don't have a whole ton of time because I had to do some other things this morning. 

But Frank, our good ping pong brother is doing way well. We played ping pong with him 2 or 3 times this past week, and the lessons went way well. We set a baptismal date, just a goal for him to get an answer. And this last appointment we had, we talked about prayer again, and he was like "I actually got an answer, and it's a good step towards that goal we set for the 10th of January" That was great to hear. He is an awesome guy. He was also in church yesterday, and he seemed to really enjoy it. 

Roy was in church as well, and him and Frank took off together after sacrament meeting to get some lunch together. So that was awesome. Roy is still himself, but he is doing better. Moving along.

Big news, I don't think I have mentioned Daniel in any of these emails, but he is a member that we have worked with quite a bit. He has OCD and is afraid of most things happening. BUT he finally got the Melkezidek Priesthood yesterday! That was an awesome thing to see. We had been working with him for a long time to get him ready for that. He was way happy to finally have achieved what he wanted. 

Ashley is fighting the fight. He is a champ and he is working hard. We are still working with him, supporting him in any way we can. There isn't a whole ton you can do in these situations besides just be there for them. But that's exactly what we are doing. Keep him in your prayers, he could really use them. We are working hard to get him over to Utah, just because that's his goal. So hopefully you will be able to meet the man himself one day!

Fred has still been impossible to meet with. He has just been super busy. But you saw him for like 10 minutes this week and had a nice little chat. He is still super funny. We talked about how you can recieve an answer, and we showed the David A Bednar patterns of light video. Solid stuff right there. 

We met with a guy named Mike as well, he was pretty funny. He was just a jokester, and right before we left I just remember him saying "Tell Jesus hi for me". Perks of being a missionary. 

Isaac is doing well enough. It's still hard for him to really try out if the church is true because he started investigating just to prove it wrong. But it's coming along.

We had a good leadership training that was just on how we can spread Christmas Cheer. I'm way excited for this december. Caroling and cookies all day every day. 

Loooooove you all!

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