Monday, December 15, 2014

S10:E11 "We wish you a merry jingly"

Hello everyone! I've had a pretty good week, nothing too crazy though. We went out carolling yesterday as missionaries with 2 others, that was a blast. Just good time fun when you go out spreading Christmas cheer.

Monday we went to the Trap Nielsens house. They are a super funny family, who are way nice to us missionaries. We will actually be skyping from their home. But that was just a fun time that we had with them. We actually sang to them yesterday, and it was a great plan. One of the girls who went with us knew the code to their house, so we opened the front door and just started singing. It was a nice little Christmas surprise. 

We have been meeting with Frank still, things are moving forward with him. He really likes the church services we have here, and he tries to come just about every sunday. We have had some good chats recently about commandments, and the last time we met with him we talked about the word of wisdom. So hopefully he will be cutting down on smoking, because it is something that he wants. So that's going forward. Oh, and Elder Ludlow and I are getting ridiculously good at ping pong. So much fun though. 

We also got to try Gløgg the other day (alcohol free) AMAZING. You need to try it this christmas season. Well... it's kind of late. But you can buy it at Ikea, and it's a way good warm christmas drink. If you want to make it even better, with the ikea one in any case, you mix like a cup of apple juice and a cup of black currant juice with it. Then put raisins in the bottom, and chopped almonds on top. :) Yummy stuff. ( There ya go. 

We got to meet with Roy this week. He is still himself, just hard to communicate with because he likes to talk. But we still have nice times together. We learn a lot from each other. 

Ashley is doing a lot better. He is clean now, has a plan, meeting with us frequently, and was in church yesterday. So thank you for all of your prayers and everything. They must have been the trick. So that's good news.

I think I may have forgotten to mention this which is kind of sad... but last saturday I went to the baptism of Lise Lotte. The girl we were teaching a while back who had all the marriage problems that we got dragged into. They are doing way well and it was a spiritual baptism. But the best part is that Simon, her husband, is trying way hard to quit smoking and drinking, and he hasn't since wednesday. Pretty solid stuff. 

All in all, I'm still doing great. We find out transfers next monday though, that'll be kind of sad. :/ it'll be sad to leave this place. I love it here in århus. 

Love you all, have a great week filled with jingly merry fun.

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