Monday, December 8, 2014

S10:E10 "O holy night"

So first things first. As a mission we watched frozen, and that is a way good movie. And boy was I into it, crazy what not seeing a movie in a while will do to you. A very touching movie. haha.

But on to important things. 

I am doing great, and I don't have a whole ton to report on because a. I lost my planner b. I was in other areas or doing zone training for most of the week. But I can give you a little update on things.

Ashley is doing better, we have helped him go to the clinic for alcoholics a couple days this week, and they just give him pills that help him stop drinking. That has been going really well, and he is progressing a lot. Thanks for all your prayers. So that is moving along well. 

We have had our fun with Frank, playing ping pong and talking. That's going pretty well. Although he has been practicing ping pong, which totally isn't fair. But that's okay, he needed the extra help. haha. But our lessons have been going well with him. He is slowly progressing forward. The last time we met with him, we talked about what happens after we die, and kind of why that applies to us here. He seemed to like what we said. We will see where it goes. 

Ummm.... zone training went well. It was all about this ( Nothing too wild there.

Still just loving my time here in Ã…rhus, next week I will be going back up to Aalborg, and I'm pretty stoked for that. 

Oh, last night we got to see Fred again. Goodness that man is funny. We had a nice chat with him about the holy ghost, and recieving answers. It was a good chat, and it was interesting because at the end we started talking about the difference between the church and the gospel. And how the church is really just there to support us in following the gospel of Christ. good stuff. 

But I know, this is a lame email... but I lost my planner and it's getting that time of season where I can't remember anything. 

Love you all!

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