Tuesday, April 30, 2013

S1:E03 "Elder Swan's fiber levels go off the chart."

Hello everybody!
I hope all is going well in the outside world. The MTC is still moving along. The past couple of days have caused quite a bit of drama in my district, because they switched our schedule. Now our gym time is at 6:30 in the morning... but it's all good.
Last p-day after writing you all, I went back to the residence hall and played some hallway bowling. We set up 10 empty water bottles on one side of the hallway, and stood on the other side of the hallway. (15 yards or more) then would roll a tennis ball at the water bottles. (If it hit the wall it didn't count) I finished a full game with 10 points... and wasn't in last! It was surprisingly difficult, but a lot of fun. What I have been doing recently to satisfy boredum is play tic tac toe. But it's not the normal game you all think of. It's ultimate tic tac toe. You have one big board (9 squares) and in every square you have another tic tac toe board. You play on the little ones, and wherever you place your X or O, you make the other people play on the board that correlates to the spot you chose... if that makes sense. (i.e. I play in the bottom left board in the bottom right square, then my oppenent has to play in the bottom right board, because of where I placed mine. It is a ton of fun, and it utilizes a piece of my brain I haven't used since Starcraft.
I thank you all for the birthday wishes. It was nice to receive presents and love from you all. Although the cupcakes I received flipped over despite the kajillion notes on it saying "Fragile" or "Cupcakes", but they still taste fantastic and looks aren't that important when it comes to food anyways. On my birthday I learned just how depressing the english birthday song is compared to other places in the world. The Danish song is one of the greatest songs ever made. I will send you a video of it sometime if all goes well to show you how much fun it is. Just as a sneak peak, you pick 3 instruments, and fake play them in between every verse.
On my birthday was the first day we got to teach CRT. Which was a crazy experience. To try to communicate with other people (or outsiders) in Danish. It went surprisingly well with how little Danish I feel I know. I'm still loving Danish though. I think it is the best language out there. It just sounds so cool to hear, and to speak it. (Icelandik sounds like Danish except you roll every R, I'm pretty good at imitating it.)  But I digress...
Sunday was awesome this week. We have a fantastic devotional, where the speaker pretty much made fun of everyone who had a girlfriend waiting for them telling us statistics about what really happens. But he also talked about how we have to love our companion, and that we are all equals, and we all sacrificed something to be here on our mission.The main thing he talked about was that we will have trials. He compared us to the son's of Mosiah, and how they talked about when they got discouraged, and what they wanted to do when that happened.
For my personal study, I have been studying each of the twelve apostles. It really interests me to see their personalities and what they did. It makes me sad that we don't have a book of scripture from every apostle of Christ. We could learn so much from each and every one of them. (it makes me sad that 2 or 3 of the apostles only have their name's listed, and nothing else about them.) But I learned quite a lot about the difference in the apostles. This week I am studying Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. Which means I will probably study one of them this week because of how long it will take. Something I have realized while being here is that studying the scriptures is so much better than just reading them. When you study a certain topic or person, you are diligently searching for links and things you can learn about said topic. I try to understand what is going on, and why someone did something. It has helped me so much to focus and learn more about the scriptures. 
Random thought, if you guys haven't seen the new bibles videos, look them up on YouTube. They are super duper good. (search... lds bible videos, that should work.) 
I'm sorry for not having a whole ton to write about. It's only been like 4 days since last p-day, and every week is the same schedule for me.
I love you all a ton. You all are amazing people.
Elder Swan
P.s. The title is because of all the cherries I recieved that I ate in 2 night...

Here are some district pictures I stole from my companion. (Sorry they are huge.)

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