Thursday, April 18, 2013

FW: S1:E01 "The district meets the MTC"

Hello friends and family,

The MTC has been good, to answer all of your questions. The ice cream is fantastic, but the food in general is the same, and I'm starting to look for new things. I have already gained a few pounds here, which is no suprise when you see how much ice cream there is. My companion is Ældste Eisert. He did ballroom in highschool, and went to Lehi High School. He is pretty strange, and he is pretty much the opposite of me. Because he cares a lot about what people think about him and tries to fit in as much as he can. But we get along well. No problems are between us... yet.

My district is the greatest district ever, we have six Elders in our room though, which is a ton. But we are all like family, we already treat eachother that way. We all get along, and we all have different, awesome personalities. The sisters in our district are all nice. Which is always a positive thing. The teacher we have, Brother Pullan, is a great example to us. He is a Denmark RM, so he knows how things happen over there, but he also teaches us how to be spiritual, and what we should be searching for in people, as well as in ourselves in everything we do. Elder Wawro is a lot like Ty Singerman, he is super funny and he sings a ton. He is the Elder I share a bunk with... just thought I would share.  

Danish is coming along well. We started teaching an "investigator" three days into the MTC. So, three days worth of Danish is all we had to try and teach about recieving answers from prayer. We have been teaching the same "investigor" ever since though, and we are slowly understanding him better, and we are also slowing being able to say what we actually want to say. The MTC has taught me that the gift of tongues is a real thing. I'm able to retain a lot more in here than 2 years of German or Chinese in highschool.

On Tuesday night, Elder Scott came and talked to us about prayer, and our calling as missionaries. It was one of the best talks I have ever heard in my life. If you can find it, you should all watch/listen to it. He told us how to recieve answers to prayer, which is something I think we all have wondered at least once in our lives. I felt the spirit so strongly there. I filled up two and a half pages of notes on it. When an Apostle gives you an Apolostic blessing (I'm probably not even close to spelling that right), but you should listen to it. Because it is your own personally blessing, and it can help you through out your entire life. After he ended his talk, we sang a hymn but before the prayer could start Elder Scott had more things to say. It was the greatest testimony and blessing I have ever heard. He reminded the missionaries over and over again that we have been called BY GOD to serve where we are serving. But my favorite line from his testimony was "I know Jesus Christ lives, because I know him." The way he said that was so inspirational. It made me wish I could say that the way he does. Hopefully, eventually I can say that, even if it's in the next life. But I think we all will be able to say that eventually.

Jeg elske jer, I love you all. The church is true!

Ældste Swan

P.s. forward this to those who care. Phill can post on facebook and ask for email addresses of people who want it. (or mom)

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