Thursday, April 25, 2013

Fwd: S1:E02 "The Cage in the bathroom"

Hej min familie,
The MTC is going well. Another week has come and gone. Although this week is different, because the field is FINALLY OPEN!!! (Good ol' Utah weather) It's been nice to see the sun for 50 minutes every day. Although my pale complexion can't really withstand the "hot mexican sun", it's still nice to enjoy the warmth and beauty of outdoors. Because of complaints I have recieved, I shall go into more depth on how the MTC is for me, and who my companion is:
First, the MTC is good. I wake up at 6:10 everyday. (Suprising, I know) except on P days, I wake up at 6:00 to go to the temple at 7:00. The first thing I do in the morning after preparing is 'study' for 30 minutes. I don't know if any of you have tried this, but when you 'study' before breakfast, right after waking up, it is hard to get anything done. Then comes breakfast, which usually makes me sick so I just eat fruit. Then comes class... which is by far the best. We have two Danish teachers, Brother Pullan and Brother Williamson. They both served missions in Denmark, although Brother Pullan was in Copenhagen while Brother Williamson was more in the hick towns. They both are fantastic teachers, and they both have excellent lessons to teach us. Earlier this week Brother Pullan was teaching us that we need to see our investigators in temple white rather than just in baptism white. Meaning that we need to commit to them, and help them build their own testimony and relationship with God. It was a really good lesson, and I learned a lot from it. The comes personal study, which is gospel study, then lunch, then personal language study, and then class again! It's a pretty repetitive schedule but it keeps us busy, especially with learning a language. (I can see how Phill got bored.) The MTC gives us BYU ice cream two times a week, which is when I summon my inner binge demon, and eat 2 bowls a meal. (at least 1 bowl) All the other food is alright, on chicken cordon bleu night I ate 4 of them, then worried about having a heart attack because of how bad it was for me.
Next comes my companion, his name is Elder Eisert, and he is from Lehi, Utah. In highschool he did ballroom (one of those kids... >.>) which I think is pretty cool. He is quite the awkward kid when it comes to anything social, which means I tend to explain things to people a lot of the time. If I were to describe his personality in a simple way... I would say he is like Tobias from Arrested Development. He tends to say things he shouldn't say (we keep telling him to record himself one day, to realize all the things he says), except he doesn't realize what he is saying. He also has that Tobias awkwardness to him, he is super funny though. We get along well, and we are yet to have an argument about anything.
Okay, now let me know if you have anymore questions you would like to hear, because I think that explanation was decent. :P
Oddly enough, Saturdays are my least favorite days here. They change up my schedule and it just seems ridiculously long. Anyways... one thing I'm appreciative of some people in my room is making fun of Canadians. Something one of the district members said was "She's Canadian though, completely out of the picture." Sadly I can't remember what we were talking about, but anything making fun of Canadians is funny.
Oh yeah, if you haven't seen Elder Bednar's talk, "character of christ", I reccomend looking it up. It is a very good talk, and teaches us what becoming Christ like really means. He talks about how whenever Christ could've focused on himself, he focused on others instead. The way he put it is to turn outwards, or towards other people, rather than turn inwards. It made me realize how selfish I can be at times, or how selfish we all can be at times. But instead of telling you all about the talk, I will just tell you to go look it up with the magical powers of the internet that are granted unto you.
 So the Nicolas Cage picture Lauren sent me is currently residing in our residence hall, on the back of a stall door. So when you go sit down he is right there, always waiting for you. It's been pretty great, that Nicolas Cage has been getting around our district.
Well... thanks for everything and stuff.
Jeg elske jer.
Elder Swan

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