Monday, January 5, 2015

S11:E2 "Chandlers new year"

Hello family, everything is good over here! Still just trying to get settled in to Odense. It's not quite as good as Århus was, but it's still not bad.

First things first, I totally went to a wedding! That was exciting. My first one. What made it even better is that we got to sit on the stand, right behind the happy couple! We are probably going to be in all of the pictures. What makes it EVEN better is that I didn't know them at all. :D way fun experience though. It was strange having this queasy feeling watching two people make such a huge commitment. I don't think I will ever be able to do that. But, nothing like crashing a wedding as a missionary. 

We had a way sweet lesson with Shayrone the first day I was here. (Yes, she is black and I'm pretty sure it means Sharon.) We just talked about where are church comes from, a good first lesson. Then I played with the kid and just hit a balloon up into the air at him for a bit. Good ol' goofing around. That's what life is all about. 

We work with a guy named Thomas here in Odense. AMAZING guy. He has serious muscular distraphy, so he is in a wheel chair and can only move two of his fingers. He got baptized a little while ago and has the most amazing testimony ever. He is just someone that radiates sincerity and also hope. Sounds awesome right? But we just go over there and talk to him every once in a while and share a message with him. Way good guy though. 

New years was fun, we were with Ken Hall. Now Ken Hall lived in springville for like 3 years. So he is pretty much American, he acts that way anyways. He is well known around the mission for making missionaries do stupid, but fun things. So that was fun. He had bought like a kajillion confetti cannons and we just obliterated his house with these. We also launched off some fireworks. One of them was stuck in the ground and exploded there... that was exciting. 

Ummmmmm.... we had an investigator come to church. Anne Cecilia. She is way positive. She is the investigator that we are working a lot with. That was the first time I met her, so I don't know a whole ton about her except that she is Norwegian. 

Yeah, not a whole ton of crazyness is going on with me... these emails seem to be getting shorter and shorter. That's how it usually works when you have been out for a while right? 

Well love you all!

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