Monday, January 26, 2015

S10:E5 "Cream balls of DOOM!"

Hello everyone, once again I am writing to you about what has happened in this past week, and I will have you know, it wasn't a whole lot. Lots of cancelled appointments, so that means lots of time out in the cold. But it builds character right?

We started off the week last monday by going to Lan Le's, another girl from Vietnam that just feeds us ridiculous amounts of food. So I guess that was a good start to the week. We also got to sing karoake with her... interesting appointment.

Moving on we got burned by someone, which was lame because we had a member with us when it happened. It made it even lamer because it was Cecilia that burned us, our most positive investigator. 

We knocked for a long time this past week. Nothing too crazy came from it. 

Ummm.... oh, that was a fun experience. We knocked on this guys door and he starts yelling, then right before he opens the door he yells "I'm gonna kill ya!" That was fun. He thought it was his neighbor knocking on his door, and apparently they have that type of relationship as neighbors. haha. We ended up having a good conversation with him and actually kind of got to teach him. So that was one plus of this week. 

We were able to meet with Cecilia once this week though! That was a really good lesson. We just focused on how to get an answer to prayers, and how that really is the key to everything that we are talking about. We also talked a lot about marriage and stuff. It was a pretty good lesson if you ask me. 

Charles bailed on our appointment, but we were finally able to get in with a guy named Adam. He is a less active and hasn't gone to church since he was like 13. He wasn't super interested, but at least we got to talk to him. 

All in all, that's about everything that happened. Recently I have been trying to make these though. ( Flødeboller. It's been quite the process learning how to make them. But I'm getting closer.

I love you all, the church is true! Never forget that.

With loves,

Ældste Swan

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