Monday, September 29, 2014

S9:E13 "Season 9 has been going for awhile"

Hey everyone, this letter won't be super long. (I don't think) had a lot of little emails to send out to people today.

Everything has been going well with me. Nothing too crazy has happened in the past week. The most exciting thing that I found out is that someone that I taught a lot in S√łnderborg is getting baptized in 3 weeks! :D Anders Steen. That was probably the best phone call that I had ever gotten was when I missionary told me about that. 

We have just been teaching a lot, trying to be good little zone leader examples. :P I have been studying a lot recently about habits and trying to develop good habits. (Like holding my pen right, you should be proud mom) So we will see where that all ends up. 

Another neat thing that happened was that our investigator Leonard showed up to church this past Sunday, after he said that he probably wouldn't come. Blessings of having a good lesson with investigators the day before church. That is one of the moments where it's awesome to be a missionary. When an investigator walks into church and you didn't expect it at all. 

The church is true... sorry it's way short. Need to write things and stuff for Phills wedding. 

Love you all.

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